By Darryl Alder
Dec 30, 2014

Find YOUR Scouting Spirit at Akela’s Council

PaiuteDenAC24The summer of 2011, I attended Akela’s Council. I was only there a few days when I had a family emergency and had to head home, but not without a box of neckerchief slides and many fun memories. By that time my den wasn’t just Shawnee and orange, but we had a den doodle and yell, plus we had planned days of fun for Cub Scouts back home.

Since I didn’t get to finish the course, I asked last year’s Cubmaster, Garrett Winn to share his expereince


Garrett Winn, Akelas Council Cubmaster Summer 2014

I went to Akela’s Council for the first time 6 years ago. I had been a Cubmaster for about three years at that point and was on the Council Pow Wow committee. I thought I knew Cub Scouting and how to do my job. I was a pretty good Cubmaster (and humble obviously) and I enjoyed the service I was giving.

I decided to go to Akela’s Council after my Assistant Cubmaster went and raved about how awesome it was. He is often excited about all things Cub Scouting, so I didn’t know what to really think, but I decided that it would be good to get some advanced training under my belt.

WebofLifeAC24And so I went. I figured I’d learn some things I didn’t already know, and maybe make some new friends to help in recruiting for Pow Wow teachers. And while I did learn some things and made several new friends, what I didn’t expect was finally, after 3 years of being a Cub Scout leader, to really get the Spirit of Scouting. My experiences at Akela’s Council changed the focus of my leadership in my Pack. We’d had fun times before, but now the Spirit of Scouting infused everything I did with the Pack. I found even more joy in my service and the boys and their families became more and more involved in the program.

Akela’s Council is NOT PowerPoint presentations and boring lectures. It is personalized training in a funny and outgoing and laid back manner. It is hands-on and it made scouting “real” in ways that are hard to understand until you’ve gone. I have never had such a fun and inspiring time in any other training.

OutdoorCodeAC24I’ve been back several times to help as a member of staff in the subsequent years and each time has taught me something new to help me be a better leader. This year, I was honored to be the Cubmaster for AC 30. We had a great staff who are worked hard to make this course the best yet.

And though it stormed and flooded our tents, we grew closer together as a group and shared some special and memorable experiences that will stay with us all our lives.

If you are a cub scout leader and have not been to Akela’s Council, then you really need to plan on going next summer! It will be the best training and best week of your life!

Registrations for the 2015 course open in January

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One thought on “Find YOUR Scouting Spirit at Akela’s Council

  1. AvatarBruce Winslow

    I attended Akelas Council in the 90’s and it was a great leader training course. I was Shawnee also !!
    Great if you think you are going to be in Cub Scouts for a long time.
    I have been registered in BSA for 56 years, never attended Wood Badge, and Akelas Council was what worked for me.


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