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Feb 05, 2015

Why Get “Extra” Training?

U of S 2.gif“Why get extra training?” I get that question a lot. Being a person who has been to quite a few “extra” training experiences and continues to seek out more let me tell you why. The number one reason is it helps you LOVE what you do!! Part of the reason I think people don’t enjoy or get burned out in their positions is because they don’t get trained. Why reinvent the wheel? When you have people who love what they do and are excited to help you learn, it gets you excited and helps you to feel less overwhelmed.

When I accepted the call to be a Cubmaster I did it because my son was in Cubs with another one entering the following month and thought it would be a great way to spend time with my boys. Outside of doing scouts with my oldest son, I knew NOTHING about Scouting. So the first thing I did was go to my local Roundtable. From there I started learning and beginning to like what I was doing.

Five months in I went to Wood Badge, which completely changed my life and helped me to love Scouting. I was beginning to truly understand the method behind the madness. I got on staff at my local Roundtable after Wood Badge and continued to grow.

I then attended Akela’s Council. What a wonderful way to spend a week! You learn lots of great stuff and get answers and training in a super fun way! Then came Pow-Wow, talk about a bunch of fun!! A whole lot of crazy Cub Scout leaders in one place growing, sharing and laughing. I was so sad when I heard there weren’t going to be any more Pow-Wow’s.

Jaymie Fellows with her Wood Badge Patrol, the Buffalos

Jaymie Fellows with her Wood Badge Patrol, the Buffalos

But, then I heard about this new program called University of Scouting. I was excited, especially when I found out that my Wood Badge guide was on staff. He’s so incredible, and the idea that I could hang out with him again—c’mon I was going to do that! And then I learned why I LOVED University of Scouting. Not only was it all the classes and craziness of Pow-Wow, but also as a mom of a Boy Scout there were classes there that I could attend to help make my son’s experience more rewarding. So, not only was I making myself a better leader, but I felt like a better mom, too! There was a class about what to do after Wood Badge and other classes that helped teach me how I could keep on growing and keep that excitement going. Being able to go to classes and exchange ideas with other people in your position and not having to “reinvent the wheel” helped me to spend more time doing the “fun” things and not just trying to understand how it all works.

So why get the “extra” training”? Why not? It makes life easier and helps you find the joy in what you’re doing! University of Scouting is coming soon. Hope to see you there!

Author: Jaymie Fellows | Cubmaster, Springville, UT




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4 thoughts on “Why Get “Extra” Training?

  1. Leah Matheson

    Both my husband and I have attended Akela’s Council. We have been in scouting for roughly at total of 125 years, give or take. My husband has also attended Wood Badge. What are the requirements for attending the University of Scouting? Where and when will it be held? My husband is seriously going blind and cannot see
    to read, etc. I am his “seeing eye dog”. I need more information before I can register for the University of Scouting.
    Leah Matheson

  2. Patricia Garner

    I went to the University of Scouting last year and enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to learning new things this time too. I’m sure I will enjoy this year too.

  3. Colleen Scholz

    I totally agree! I was first called to be advancement committee chairman many moon ago, (25 or so. I’m the kind of person that takes my responsibility seriously. I have four girls! When my Bishop called me, my first response was–are you kidding me? I asked for some time to think about it. The Spirit worked on me all night. He didn’t have to work very hard though. I had been a Girl Scout growing up and loved it. So here started an adventure that has lasted me over half my life! I did the same things you did. When I went to Basic Training, the Scoutmaster was one of those “women don’t belong here types”. I got another Primary Pres. to join me and we did stay for the overnighter, snow and wind and all! Then came Wood Badge, which also changed my life. I was so insecure around people, especially men. Speak in front of a group–are you kidding? But being in my loving Patrol at Wood Badge really changed me and gave me confidence.
    Now, I may be knowledgeable about Scouting, but who can’t learn something new? I LOVED University of Scouting! I truly agree that going to those classes , and rubbing shoulders with so many wonderful Scouters, I came home just full of Scout spirit and ready to start my new “mission” in my Ward as Cubmaster! Sometimes I drive them crazy because I’m so gung-ho. If only every Scout leader could have a little ember of that burning spirit!
    Now, I’m also learning how to be a Unit Commissioner. I’ve already been a Round table Commissioner for many years. I get to go to more special trainings, and teach them, too. I’m beginning work on my Doctorate of Commissioner Science. This is my idea od ‘fun”, really. I love everything about Scouting–well , maybe not that they don’t want women to go camping. But I’m ok with that. I try to be obedient.
    It’s so fun to hear from someone else who feels like I do. Than k you so much! And than k you for all your years of service. Lucky boys!
    Your friend in Scouting, Colleen
    PS It’s too bad some people have to be “commanded in all things”. nobody told me I HAD to get trained, I did it because I wanted to! I also went up and did the Ordeal for Order of the Arrow because it was my goal;that was at age 60. Those were the most fantastic young men in the whole world!


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