By Stewart Schow
Jan 12, 2017

Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book–Day13: Attend Huddle/Find a Mentor

day-13The Task: Find out when and where Huddle takes placed and plan to attend and look for a Mentor.

I am often asked why should I attend huddle (roundtable)? And So I want ask what happens at huddle? Why should I want to spend my precious time away from Family and other responsibilities at a monthly meeting? Two Reasons, one to gain an Idea of other perspective of how Varsity Scouting should work, and a second reason is to locate a mentor who can help me understand and work with Varsity Scouts (Teachers Quorum members).

“Mentors are positive people who will help you find the lessons in your experience and use them to move forward” (Bilanich, 2016)

Mentors are positive people by definition. (Bilanich, 2016)

We need Mentors in scouting to help us learn ideas and to bounce issues off of to gain perspective. Huddle (Roundtable) is great place to meet people who can become our mentors. Mentors are people who have knowledge and are will to share that knowledge. “It’s a good idea to choose someone working in the same functional area as you are, as well as someone who shares your values” (Katharine Hansen, n.d.) to be a mentor.

Scouter’s who are attending Huddle (roundtable) should want to learn from each other’s and want to share their experiences. Each Huddle meeting should have a theme and objectives toward making scouting better in our local units. If you are attending huddle and not asking questions or not talking with the people at huddle who offer answers. You will not be taking advantage of what others have learned. And if you do offer answers from your experience at huddle, other will not gain from you. “As humans, we’re always learning and evolving, and even the most experienced professional doesn’t know everything” (Scivicque, 2011) and so with scouting even the most experienced scouter doesn’t know everything.

A good Mentor can help you set and achieve scouting goals, make smart scouting decisions, overcome scout team challenges, learn new skills or simply offer an outside perspective when you’re facing frustrations. (Scivicque, 2011) Sometimes a listen ear is what a good mentor can offer. Active listen is a good way to use a mentor to gain perspective. An acronym that scouting uses to help with active listen is EAR. Express, Address, Resolve is the meaning of this acronym. Express you’re feeling about the situation you find yourself in. Address the issues about what you are feeling and Resolve the situation so the feeling can and will move on. Another Acronym for EAR is Empathy, Attention, and Respect. Empathy mean “I can hear how upset you are”. Attention mean “Tell me what’s going on” And Respect means “I respect your efforts”. (Bill eddy, 2011)



What a huddle experience will offer is often the responsibility of the person attending. It is recommended that attendance at Huddle will return what you are will to give and share. Find someone who will be a mentor for you is an experience you are responsible to control and engage in. Venturing offers a training guide called Mentoring for the Venturing Crews, Facilitator Guide. Study it. It contains information that is useful and relevant to scouting and to live. Using mentors and sharing experiences help all of us grow and become better in life. Find out Date and time and place of Huddle (roundtable) in my district.

Plan to attend next Huddle and meet others who are working in Varsity Scouting.

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Author: Stewart Schow  | Utah National Parks Council Varsity Scout Committee Chairman

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