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Feb 16, 2016

How Akela’s Council Changed My Mind About Cub Scouting

AC 25 Celeste Hunt's pictures 11-15 Aug 2009 ~ 013I went to Akela’s Council 6 years ago when I was only a member of the pack committee (serving in our LDS ward primary presidency). I wanted our pack to have a great program but I didn’t know much about Cub Scouting so this seemed like a great chance to learn.

Many people in my life didn’t have a great opinion of Scouting in general and thought of it as largely a waste of time. Not having had anything to do with the program up to then I must admit I wasn’t too excited about my new position. But I’m the kind of person who likes to do things right so I wanted to get a good idea of what I was supposed to do and what a good Scouting program should be, so my husband (the Cubmaster at the time) and I decided we should go.

Julie's AC 25 Pictures 11-15 Aug 2009 ~ 079I was expecting 4 days of roundtable-like trainings and a lot of sitting around taking notes. Boy was I surprised! It was an adventure from start to finish and I came away with a passion for Cub Scouting.

At Akela’s Council I had life-changing experiences and made lifetime connections. Being able to step away from the bustle of life for a few days and learn and grow with all the people there was unforgettable. We got to work on projects, share ideas, complete challenges, have a great time, learn and laugh a lot.  It is such a neat program and the individuals that made it all happen were so generous and kind, their examples and friendship really touched me and I still draw on the things I learned from them.

AC 26 10-14 Aug 2010 VaLayne ~ 199There were many things that our pack just wasn’t doing and I got to see first hand how much better things go when the right systems and tools are in place. I also realized how significant the small things could be to the boys and the importance of belonging, and I came away determined to help the boys in my pack feel wanted and loved. I wanted to share with my pack how fun Cub Scouting could be.

Our pack program improved so much when we started implementing the things we learned. We even had lifelong Scouters approach us at some of the pack meetings to say how impressed they were with the quality of program that they saw. I don’t say this to brag only to say that it was because we were using the things we learned at Akela’s Council and it really really did make a difference in our pack. I’m so glad that I went.

If you want to know more check out this YouTube video:

Celeste Hunt
Author: Celeste Hunt | Den Leader, Pack 389, Hurricane, Utah

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4 thoughts on “How Akela’s Council Changed My Mind About Cub Scouting

  1. AvatarVaLayne

    I also went to Akela’s Council and it has made a huge improvement in how I work with the boys. It gave me an excitement for the Cub Scout program I could not get anywhere else. I would strongly recommend attending. You will be so glad you took the time to attend.

  2. AvatarChrista

    I loved my time at Akela’s Council! It was a great re-energizing boost for my and my pack. I loved being able to meet and talk with new and experienced leaders who were all looking to be a better leader for their boys.

  3. AvatarBeverly J. Bundy

    I went to Akela’s Council in 2000. I have used the things that I learned in AC 16 over the last 16 years and the training was well worth the time spent. I learned how to work with other leaders and how to bring scouts alive for our boys. It is the premier training for leaders.

  4. AvatarRyan Mattson

    Akela’s Council was an amazing adventure for me because it gave the courage and the tools to be a confident leader. I have also met some great people and some of my best friends are from Akela’s Council..


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