By Darryl Alder
Sep 18, 2015

How Do You Get Scouters Trained?

FOS Training 2In the weekend Wood Badge course I am staffing, we did an exercise that focused us and our discussion on how to get more people to training. Most experienced Scouters know that training makes Scouting easier, but more importantly it makes a quorum operate more like it should.

The group came up with many innovative ideas to help people get to training; I shared my favorite method which is front room coaching with a computer one-on-one. With the new Cub Scout online training, this is really quite easy, but still it’s hard to get that “Scouting Spirit” alone with your computer.

Which brings me to the best method we have found as a Council: stake-sponsored basic training and Wood Badge courses.  Steve Pace, Stake Young Men President, Mt. Nebo Utah Stake, shares this about their stake-sponsored basic training:

Scout DinnerOur Stake Young Men Presidency decided this year to do our annual training for our Bishoprics, Young Men Presidencies, and Scout Leaders a little different. We served a dinner to the the ward leaders. We had 66 out of 88 leaders invited attend.

Not only was good food served,  but we learned from each other. We sat the leaders at tables and asked them to discuss the following questions:

Scout training changed me; more important, it changed the young men.” Christpher M. Grimes, | Varsity Scout Coach 

  • What threats are the Young Men of your ward facing ?
  • How do you help them to over come those threats?
  • What are the tools you can use?
  • How does your ward keep the Young Men excited about weekday activities ?
  • How do you grow the Young Men into leaders ?
  • What was the best activity you ever attended with the youth and why ?

The responses and discussions that occurred were amazing.  We are putting that information into a booklet to share with all the leaders. All who attended left two hours later full and re-energized for the coming months ahead.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact me at my email address.  Please put a subject header of: Scout Training Request.

​The Wood Badge course I am currently staffing is sponsored by the Fillmore, Nephi, Nephi North, Delta and Delta West Utah Stakes. The dynamic of having stake leaders both teach and visit during the week has really been a powerful addition.

Ideas like this one remind us to think outside the box we have put ourselves in regarding training. If you are ready to try something different please call the Council Service Center  near you to discuss your options.

What are your best ideas for training others? Share your thoughts in our comment section below:



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