By Susan Cheever
Jul 28, 2016

Online Scouting Registration — Available to everyone!

The initial phase of the BETA test for online registration has been completed. This exciting tool is now available for every unit in our Council to use. There are three vital points to remember if we are going to implement online registration successfully in our Council.

  1. Every registered unit leader and COR must have a valid email address in Scoutnet.
  2. Every unit must have a leader who updates their pin in
  3. Have good communication. Someone must be assigned to check regularly to see if applications are awaiting review and submission.

How to Prepare for Online Registration

  1. Complete Your Preparation Checklist: It is critical that you complete all items on the checklist for your Scouting role to ensure you are granted the necessary permissions to work within the online registration system. To have the appropriate access, your role, council name, and a valid email address must be listed correctly in your My.Scouting Tools profile.
    1. Please visit for checklists and instructions available for employees and volunteers at the council, district, and unit level.
  2. Review Training Videos and How-To Documents: Learn how to use the application manager, review an application, and process youth and adult applications by watching the training videos at There, you’ll also find how-to documents that provide application manager and invitation manger instructions at the council, district, and unit level.
  3. Update Your “Contact Us” Pin in Unit leaders must update their pin in Instructions for unit leaders are available at
  4. Need Help? An FAQ document is available at For questions not answered in the FAQ, please reach out to your council online registration contact. If you need assistance completing the preparation checklist, please contact the Member Care Contact Center at or 972-580-2489.

A Mini-lesson on the Language of Scouting

Scouting has a terminology all its own, so sometimes it is difficult to follow official instructions. The Council staff are happy to translate. Feel free to call or email us or stop by the office for help. The instructions often refer to the “Key 3.” In your ward, the first of those “Key 3” is your chartered organization representative, aka COR or CR. In units sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that is the counselor in the bishopric who is over Scouting, and it will be the same individual for Cub Scouts (8–10 yr old boys), Boy Scouts (usually 11–13 yr old boys), Varsity Scouts (14-15 yr old boys), and Venturers (16–18 yr old boys).

The other members of the Key 3 are the committee chair and the unit leader. In LDS units, a member of the bishopric will call the committee chair, who takes care of or assigns many of the organization details like calling meetings, registering youth and leaders, and making sure leaders are trained. The bishopric may call one individual for all four groups or as many as 4 different individuals. Most often in LDS units one person is called for the Cub Scout pack and another works with all of the units that serve boys 11–18 years old.

The unit leader is the Cubmaster, the Scoutmaster, the Varsity coach, or the Crew Advisor—basically the main leader who works with the boys on their activity night.

Each of the Key 3 has the right to designate other members of the committee as “delegates” who have the same leadership rights in as the Key 3.

To make this designation, a member of the Key 3 will go to their own account and select the “menu” button, click on the unit they want to to update, and select “Organization Security Manager.” They then select “Key 3 Delegate” and click on the green plus sign on the right side of the page. A list of committee members will appear, from which they can select

Organization Security Manager

See the green plus sign on the right

the right person. This will allow them to designate a specific individual to be in charge of registration.

That person who is in charge of getting people registered will then be able to send invitations to join the unit to new boys and leaders . Boys who live in your neighborhood will be able to find your unit by going to “Be a Scout” at The “Key 3” and their delegates will be able to see the online applications that have been submitted, review and approve them, and submit them to National.

Training is Available

Click on these illustrated instructions  Instructions to manage settings to become familiar with the process. If you need help, your district staff member will be glad to work with you to get online registration running smoothly. As we discover weaknesses, we will work with the National help desk to find solutions. We invite you to partner with us by sharing your experiences. We will incorporate your suggestions and discoveries into our training and articles to make registration simple and painless.

Susan Cheever


Author: Susan Cheever | Utah National Parks Council Marketing Team Administrative Assistant

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17 thoughts on “Online Scouting Registration — Available to everyone!

  1. AvatarTawna Witney

    In LDS units, the fees are all paid for by the Church. How will this be handled with the online registration?

    1. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever

      For those who haven’t seen the answer yet, it will still be paid for by the LDS Church. When an individual applies to register in an LDS unit, the “fees due” will show $0.00. The LDS Church is billed directly for all individuals registered in their units.

    1. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever Post author

      We can only register people in Unit positions at first, but maybe that option will come later.

  2. AvatarCharity

    We have a separate cub and Boy Scout committee chair. Will they both be able to have access to this? Also, if our cub committee chair sets up our membership chair (on our cub committee) as a “delegate” is that going to mess up our Boy Scout committee?

    1. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever Post author

      The units are separate in, so what you do in the Boy Scout troop will have no impact on the Cub Scout pack unless you do the same thing in the pack. If you want to make your Cub Committee Chair a delegate in your other units, that individual will have to be registered in those units. I should also have pointed out that if you want to make someone a delegate in the Troop, Team, and Crew, you have to go into each of those units individually. The next big thing we are asking for is that the data base for LDS units be organized so that all of the units can be managed together. I will be excited when that day comes.

    1. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever Post author

      The Stakes that will pilot this program and help us make sure it is ready to go are: Roosevelt, Jordan Willow, Lindon, Pleasant Grove East, Provo West, Spanish Fork Canyon Ridge, Green Valley, and Washington Fields.

  3. AvatarStacy Carroll

    Hi, I’m the Committee Chair with a unit in the Washington Fields Stake. When delegating Registration Authority, which Functional Position do I delegate?

    Based on the instructions above, it sounds like I should choose “Key 3 Delegate”; however, there are other Functional Positions that have Registration and Membership in the titles of the positions so I want to make sure I chose the correct Functional Position to delegate.

    Thank you.

  4. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever

    If you want them to be able to have all of the tools you have, you will need to designate them as “Key 3 Delegates”. That gives them rights as both “training manager” and “member manager”. That is probably the most common option because most people feel like the more tools they give their committee members, the better they are able to help manage the program. I believe the “Registration Inquiry” and “Unit Membership Chairman” will both have the same rights, those needed to maintain the online registration in the unit, but I am waiting for confirmation from the national help desk because both of those are new functional positions created for online registration.

    1. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever Post author

      I received information from National about the positions we can assign people to in, and an individual would have to be registered as a key 3 delegate to manage online registrations. Both the registration inquiry and unit membership chair positions give people “view only” rights regarding applications. They will not be able to process them.

  5. AvatarTy Lagerberg

    When will Provo East Stake be able to do online registration? I have a lot to do with four Cub Scout Packs so hoping it is very soon.

    1. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever Post author

      Ty, online registration is still in Beta testing and we, the office staff, are still learning about it. You are welcome to begin using it immediately. As you have questions, call or come by our office and we will give you the best help we can. The tools are active right now, but again, be aware that this is a Beta test and there may be glitches. We anticipate that the Beta test will end and online registration will be available to everyone sometime this Fall.

  6. AvatarLeah Overson

    Unit leaders will need to be diligent about keeping the newest people in the right positions. I guess it’s just a matter of taking one person out and substituting the new person? Is there a limit on the number of people who can be given rights?

  7. AvatarBrooke A

    Any updates on when this online registration beta testing will be complete. Any new information on when it will be available to “everyone”??? We are super excited to have this tool available to the Units in our Stake!

  8. Susan CheeverSusan Cheever

    Your Stake President can opt in at any time. We are accepting all stakes who are ready to start and adding them to the BETA test. He can contact your DE or send me a message at and I will put him in touch with the right people.


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