By Annaleis Smith
Oct 09, 2018

Live YPT in Spanish Fork

An opportunity to attend a live version of the BSA’s updated Youth Protection Training this Saturday, October 13th, in Spanish Fork is being provided by the Black Diamond District.

Hopefully, everyone knows the BSA came out with a new version of their mandatory Youth Protection Training back in Feb 2018 and announced that everyone would need to take the updated version by Oct 1st.  Well, that deadline has now passed and yet there are many leaders who still need to take this mandatory training.  Many have been trying to take it online (takes about 1 hour) but there are SO many leaders trying to take it that the servers are a little bogged down.  So, attending this live and in-person training (1 1/2 hrs) may be the answer to your problem.

The cost is free and no registration is necessary. Just show up before 9am and attend.

If YOU still need to complete your YPT – don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Note: This Live YPT is being taught in the same building where a Commissioner College is taking place that day also so if you would like to make a day of it, feel free to attend classes before and after the YPT. (You will need to register if you want credit for classes taken)

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