By Annaleis Smith
Jan 20, 2015

National’s Webcasts on the new Cub Scout program

Like some of you, members of the UNPC Cub Scout Task Force watched the national webcasts that aired live last Saturday January 17, 2015.  If you didn’t get the chance to watch them you still can.  They were recorded and are available to watch here.  There is one for Den Leaders, one for Cubmasters and one for LDS scouters.  Much of it is information we have already shared with you here but some of it is new so it’s worth watching and each session is just over a half an hour long, so it won’t take too long.

Cub Scouts can start using the Scout Oath & Law in den and pack meetings.

So, here are some thoughts from three members of the task force who did watch the webcasts and agreed to let us all know what they thought about them:

“All in all, the recordings gave a great overview of the changes to the Cub Scout program. I loved the recap of how the Cub Scout organization started and when certain changes were implemented. They gave a good recap of the upcoming program changes, noting that all you have to remember is “7”…Seven adventures for each rank and as the cubs got older they were provided more opportunities to select elective adventures. The presenters were really confident about the timeframe that the materials would be available, including new Leader Specific Training coming out in April. Pricing for belt loops ($1.39) Webelos and AOL pins ($1.89) were provided and more details on other materials and their release dates. And they all seemed very confident that May 1st our new manuals will be available at the Scout Office. Get ready for the stampede.”

– Jennifer Amador – Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner – Timpanogos District

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 9.27.46 PM

2 years worth of pack meeting plans will be posted online April 2015.

“I really liked the way they started out by explaining WHY the Cub Scout program is changing.  They gave us some of the back ground information behind the changes that may help some leaders feel more comfortable with the changes”

–  Ray Cox –  Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner – Wasatch District

Cub Webcast Presenters

Ken King, Bob Scott, Nancy Ferrell & Linda Vaughn presented 6 webcasts on 1/17/15

There was so much good information I found myself taking screen shots so that I could remember what they said. Most of it was the same information that has already been on the blog or is already online but they did give prices for the new belt loops and themes for the cubmasters – that was good.  Oh, and I like that they are going to update the FAQ online, on the program updates page, based on the additional questions asked during the webcasts.

– Felice Clements – Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner – Hobble Creek District


Cub Webcast Screen Shot

The new Cub Scout program starts June 1, 2015 – are you prepared?

Personally my favorite part of the webcasts was the intro video – loved it!  Also, since I am a Cubmaster I was excited to see which point of the scout law was being assigned to which month and the associated themes for next year. By April 1st there should be 2 years worth of themes online for Cubmasters to use.

Cub Webcast pack meeting theme

I hope that lots of Cub Scout leaders get the chance to watch the webcasts, read the other articles on this blog about the new Cub Scout program, get additional training at roundtable and educate yourself and other leaders about the changes… the adventure is about to begin.



Author: Annaleis Smith, Council Cub Scout Chair.

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