By Annaleis Smith
Nov 19, 2014

Cub Scout Adventure Program – Where can I get more training?

(Part 9 of 10 in a series about the new Cub Scout Adventure Program)

I have been giving you little bits of information each week for the past couple of months about the new Cub Scout program coming in 2015.  Some of you are wondering how and where you can get more training.  Of course you can always study the over 250 pages of information found on the program updates page.  And you can read all of my blog posts here on The Boy Scout.  But if you are looking for more than that… Let me give you a few ideas of where you can look/ask about training for the new Cub Scout Adventure program in your area:

  • Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.45.00 AMDistrict Roundtablesyour district roundtable team should already have plans to start introducing some of the information each month starting in January 2015.  Some districts have chosen to devote an entire roundtable to the training and some will be doing it piece by piece.  Each district has their own plan for how and when they are going to do that. Let your district Roundtable Commissioner know what you are interested in learning.
  • UoS UNPC LogoCub Scout Leader Pow Wows  and/or University of Scouting – These day long supplemental trainings allow you to choose classes on all sorts of topics including the new Cub Scout Adventure Program.  The Wasatch District had a successful overview training at their Pow Wow in Oct. High Uintah district is including an overview at their Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow on January 17th.  Utah County’s University of Scouting on Feb 21st will have an general overview class as well as many other classes on many topics and even some specific to certain positions and some on the new adventures too. (Look for registration to open soon) 
  • collegeUNPC Commissioner College – There will be training on the new program and specifically on how unit commissioners can help their packs with the transition. This training will be taught at the Commissioner College Jan 10th in American Fork and probably again at the Provo/Orem Commissioner College in April also.
  • images-55Online Webcasts – National is working on some training to help leaders learn more about the new program. They are in the process of developing three webcasts on the following topics: Den Leader focus, Cubmaster focus, LDS transition.  These nationally produced webcasts are currently scheduled to be available online in January 2015.   We, at the council, will be sure to get the word out to the districts and on this blog when these new trainings from national become available.  Check out this article about the national webcasts.
  • dcf0b0231597929602e3cd0c7cb9a885_3ncyAkela’s Council – The UNPC’s Cub Scout Leader Training Camp – Akela’s Council, is being updated/revised this year to give leaders a more hands-on experience with the new program.  (Dates and location – TBA) There is no better training for ALL things Cub Scouting then attending Akela’s Council. Past participants have deemed Akela’s Council to be the most motivating and enjoyable training they have ever completed. (Look for registration to open January 2015)
  • Other Special District Trainings – Hobble Creek district’s Unit Commissioners got a taste of the new program just this past weekend (Nov 15th) in a 5 hr hands-on training.  I have been told that the Zion & Snow Canyon districts are preparing a special training for next year (Feb or March) Your local district may be working on something too.  Some districts have already done trainings and some have not.  Ask what your district is planning or let them know what you are looking for.  They don’t know, if you don’t tell them.  Each district should have at least one representative on the council Cub Scout Task Force – ask your district key 3 who your District Rep. is and let them know that you want/need more information and training on the Cub Scout Adventure Program.

So, as you can see there are lots of options for places and ways to get additional training on the new Cub Scout Adventure Program that starts June 1, 2015.  Some are still being developed and some are still in the “thinking about it” stage.  Let your district leaders know what kind of training you are hoping to find close to home.  Your district and council leaders are there to help you but they can only help if they know what you need so communicate with them.

Q: I would like more information now—what is taking so long?

A: The process of redesigning the Cub Scout program at this level is a significant undertaking. The Scouters designing and developing the materials would like to share as much as possible as it becomes available, but sharing information now that may change before the full program launch in 2015 could create confusion.

AnnaleisAuthor:  Annaleis Smith,  Council Cub Scout Chair.

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