By Annaleis Smith
Sep 15, 2015

New Cub Scout Leader training is online!

The highly anticipated and overdue Cub Scout leader online training—they first promised us it would be done in March… June… August—finally went live on September 3rd. I haven’t taken every course yet, although that is my goal, but from what I have done so far let me say—I love it!  It is worth the wait.  Every course is somewhere between 4 and 15 minutes long so even if you only have 15 mins free in a day, you can take a course.  This is going to be SO helpful to new leaders.

The new Scouting U

Online Boy Scout, Venturing and Commissioner training are “coming soon”

Scouting U - Learning Plans

And even if you are an experienced leader you will find the training a great way to review and make sure you are up to date with how things should work.  There are SO many different courses.  I haven’t counted them all but there are a lot!  You can even look for training on a specific topic.  Let’s say you want some ideas for den discipline – it’s there.  Need to learn more about budgeting?  You’ve got it.  Advancement?  Methods of Cub Scouting? Year-round Fun?  Effective planning?  Supplemental Resources?  They are all in there.  All those topics and lots more.

Right now all the courses are organized into 3 basic training groups—one for den leaders, one for cubmasters and one for the pack committee.  Each group or position has within it 3 different “Learning plans” which are “Before the first meeting”, “The first 30 days” and “Position-Specific trained”.  They suggest you take them in that order and even give you “due dates” for completion but you can take any course at any time.  After completing all 3 sections a leader is qualified to wear the Trained patch.  Each course has a video with narration and interactive quizzes.  When complete it is automatically recorded that you completed the course.  One really great part is that many courses overlap with other positions. For example, If you complete all of the Cubmaster training and then start on Pack Committee you will find that you are already partially complete. It gives you credit for the courses you already took as part of another learning plan. You can also go back and re-take or just review any course at any time.

Scouting U - Cub Scout IdealsYes, it’s brand new, yes there are bound to be a few glitches, spelling errors etc. but by far the worst part—and the catalyst for me writing this article… is that unfortunately it is not as simple to get to the actual trainings as one would hope. (At least it took me a bit of clicking and making mistakes before I finally figured it out) At roundtable last week, I gave the unit commissioners in my district a peak at how to access, add courses and take the trainings.  And we all concluded that it was much too complicated.   So… my unit commissioners asked for a “Step by Step guide” to help them and help their leaders figure it out. So here it is… my Step by step guide to the new online Cub Scout training complete with screen shots at almost every stage.  I hope that you find this helpful.  And knowing how quickly things change… this guide could be completely wrong as soon as National makes the next set of changes (Let’s hope not).

Note – No Spanish versions of the trainings yet.

AnnaleisAuthor: Annaleis Smith | Assistant Council Commissioner for Cub Scouting Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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8 thoughts on “New Cub Scout Leader training is online!

  1. AvatarClint lawton

    I love how the BSA is making training easier and more convenient so we can spend more time working with the scouts! Thank you Boy Scouts America!

  2. AvatarMelissa Boren

    I love these articles by Annaleis Smith! She spends so much of her own time and energy making things easier for the rest of us. She’s amazing! Thank you Annaleis!!

  3. AvatarSusan Harmon

    I was excited to see the Cub Scout Trainings online. I have taken one of the course so far, and found it simple to navigate, and very well done. Can’t wait to do ALL of them!


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