By Melany Gardner
Mar 27, 2017

How to Get Online BSA Registration Set Up for Your Ward

Online registration is finally here and open to everyone! Beginning immediately, the traditional paper registration is being supplanted by an easy-to-use, paperless online registration process – for both youth and adults.

To begin using online applications, every unit and ward must get take a few steps to get set up with the new system. If you are currently registered as the COR, committee chair, or unit leader, you have the ability to get these first steps complete. 

Download simple or detailed instructions or see below for help with this process. Go to for additional information. 

1. Unit Leader Preparation

Updating your profile is an essential step to ensuring that you receive the notifications from the Invitation Manager or Application Manager showing what actions you have to take to help new youth and adults join your unit.

*Note on step 6: If you find that you are unable to see the following steps to the online registration system, it may be because you either are not registered in the correct position, or you have a duplicate my.scouting account. To fix this issue, you can get the correct ID number from your internet advancement person in your unit, or call into the Council Service Center at 801-437-6222. 

2. Invitation Manager

This tool is the one you will use over and over again as new applications come in for youth and leaders registering with the BSA in your ward. You can can add membership leads and manage inquiries from prospective Scouts.

Here are the instructions to get the link you will send to new leaders and youth who need to register:

How It Works

Once the above steps are complete for a unit, the online registration process will work as described below for all volunteers and youth in that unit.

There are two ways for applications to be initiated:

  • Through an invitation email sent the COR, committee chair, or the unit leader
  • Through the website

Invitation Email (recommended) 
When a new youth or leader is joining your Scouting unit (pack/troop/team/crew), follow these steps to use the online registration.

  • Send an email to the new adult volunteer or the youth’s parents and include
    • An nice invitation to apply for membership
    • The unit-specific registration link
  • The applicant will click on the link in the email taking them to a secure website that will step them through the online registration process
  • Once the applicant has completed the online registration process, the COR (for adults) or Scouting leader/Committee Chair (for youth) will receive an email informing them of the new application
  • The COR/Committee Chair/Scouting leader approves the application by following the instructions in the email Website

Parents of youth, as well as new leaders, can also apply directly through the website. In order for this to work, the unit must have completed the checklist described above.

  • Go to the website
  • Enter your zip code in order to find your unit
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button which will take you to a secure website that will step you through the online registration process
  • Once complete, the unit leadership will receive an email informing them of the new application
  • The unit leadership approves the application by following the instructions in the email

Congratulations – you have a new youth or adult officially registered in your unit!

You have any questions, please call us at the Council Service Center at 801-437-6222.



Author: Melany Gardner | “The Boy Scout” Editor and Marketing Specialist, Utah National Parks Council

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3 thoughts on “How to Get Online BSA Registration Set Up for Your Ward

  1. Brenden Taylor

    how does one get the unit specific link? The only place I have seen to register is from, but there are so many packs in our area that our pin does not show up on the BeAScout map until you have clicked 5 times on the ‘show more pins’ button. Surely there is an easier way to find the link? I don’t see any option to send an invitation or get a link from my.scouting.

    1. DMS

      When you go to the BeAScout map and locate your unit, click on the apply now button. Once that screen comes up, copy the URL and then use that in the Invitation Manager or emails that you send to new families. It will take them directly to the registration screen for your unit.

  2. Ruth

    I’m not getting the website to work chiefly because when I enter Highland’s zip code in the map it only shows the units in American Fork. Highland and American Fork share the same zip code. Is there some way this can be rectified? So far we have been unable to get any online system to work. It would be good if this one did.


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