By Susan Cheever
Apr 26, 2016

Pack Committee Chair Best Practices

I attended Jennifer Amador’s class titled “Committee Chair Corner” at the University of Scouting. Her first act was to give us permission not to do every good thing we hear about. How liberating! I realized early in my Cub Scout career that being a leader is a lot like being a college student: if I had unlimited time and unlimited money, there would always be more great things I could do.
Jennifer encouraged us to decide what our committee priorities are. I decided mine are to give the boys opportunities to have fun, to help them learn, and to make sure good communication flows between the leaders and the families we serve.

Committee Chair cornerWe need specific goals that reflect our priorities. We need to have a plan to welcome every new boy and make sure that he and his family become a part of our communication network immediately. We need to make sure that our communication plan is adequate so that no one is ever excluded from anything. We can help the leaders plan worthwhile activities that support the advancement method and then give them the support they need so that boys receive timely recognition for all that they accomplish and they feel good. We need to work within the budget we have been given and secure facilities and process paperwork as needed to keep the program running smoothly. Jennifer offered great advice and encouraged us to share with one another what works for us.

Committee chairs should be attending at least 4 meetings every month:

  • Pack Committee Meeting….conducted by the Committee Chair
  • Pack Meeting…………………….conducted by the Cub Master
  • Key Scouter Meeting………..conducted by the COR
  • Round Table……………………..conducted by the Round Table Commissioner

Cub Committee ChairOur meetings will go smoother and be less likely to get off track if we have an agenda.
She showed us tools that her district (Timpanogos) has posted on their web site to help with annual pack planning and with planning great activities. She encouraged us all to be familiar with what our district web site has to offer. She reminded us that we can glean great ideas from other districts as well.

She said in her pack each parent is asked to fill out a health form at registration and then she asks parents to update and initial and re-date that form every year at the annual parent meeting (often held in September.)

The great thing about Scout training is that every leader attends with a metaphorical toolbox filled with the ideas they have found to work well. We each open our boxes and share at the meetings and then we all walk away with the tools we came with and many new ones we picked up during training.

Susan Cheever


Author: Susan Cheever | Utah National Parks Council Marketing Team Administrative Assistant

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