By Stan Lockhart
Apr 18, 2016

We’re Lacking Trained Leaders

After the latest round of rechartering, our Council has about 15% of our volunteer leaders who have been trained and have recorded that training. What about the other 85%?

Sometimes our leaders think they are trained by virtue of having been a Scout. Maybe they became Eagle Scouts. Maybe not. They participated in Scouting as a youth. What more could they need to know?

The problem with this thinking is that we are in the business of building character and training young men to be leaders. A boy going through the program will have a different perspective than that of a leader. Our biggest training goal is teaching our leaders how to help boys lead and make decisions. Without training, leaders have a tendency to try and do it all and the boys do what their leaders tell them to do.

With training, leaders help boys grow and develop their own leadership skills. Scout committees come alive and provide meaningful assistance. Leaders become more efficient deploying their own resources for maximum benefit to the boys. And trained leaders know how to tap into district and council resources to make their jobs easier and better help the young men.

Put an emphasis on being trained with your Scout stewardship. Training will solve a plethora of problems before they even become problems. We are working on a series of online supplemental training for newly-called Scout leaders and committee members. Click on your position title for the online training segments:

Pack Committee Member

Varsity Team Coach (More posts are being added weekly, but this will get you started)

Venturing Advisor

Venturing Committee

Scoutmaster training will be up soon.

If you have questions, concerns, or feedback, feel free to contact me at or 8013682166.



Author: Stan Lockhart | President, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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One thought on “We’re Lacking Trained Leaders

  1. AvatarRichard Baringer

    I have been through Woodbadge Training, where by, I have received my beads. I am a leader of a Boy Scout Troop. I am a Vigil Honor member in our OA Lodge. I can supply references.


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