By Susan Cheever
Jan 16, 2016

Why Robo Calls?

A Scout is friendly, courteous, and kind as well as helpful, so you might be asking yourself, “Why has the Scout office begun sending out automated phone calls?”  The simple answer is because we have very few staff members who sometimes need to communicate with many of you very quickly.  Lately we have made calls about our Celebration of Eagles Banquet, the opportunity to sell Expo tickets, and training for depositing Friends of Scouting dollars.

We do value and respect your time, and so we have developed a process that we hope will make our calls as helpful as we truly intend them to be.  This is based on feedback we have received from you and on discussions we have had about what we would prefer if we were receiving the calls (and most of us are, because we are parents and leaders like you).

We will label our calls early in the message. We have decided to preface our calls with an announcement of the purpose for the call.  We will introduce the message by saying something like, “This is a training call from the Boy Scout Office.” or “This is a call from the Boy Scout Office regarding a policy change.” or “This is a call to make you aware of a fundraising opportunity available through the Scout Office.” We hope this introduction will give you an early cue about whether you want to take the time to listen to the call.

We will try to preface our calls with an information e-mail. If you feel like the e-mail message has given you sufficient information and you would prefer not to receive a phone call from us, reply to the message with the words, “Don’t call.”  We will honor that request if at all possible (that is if we receive your reply before the calls have been sent).

When we send a call to you, we will always give you an “opt out” option. If you press “9” you will be placed on a “Do not call” list and your number will be blocked from future automated calls.

When numbers permit, we will always speak to you directly rather than sending an e-mail or phone message to you. You may call us or stop by the office with questions or requests for training and we are happy to help you.  When we make calls, we set them up so that the direct line of the individual making the call shows on your caller ID.  When we call during business hours we will often direct you to press “1” if you would like to speak to us and “2” to receive an e-mail. The e-mail address we have on file for you is the one you gave us on your Scout membership application.

We appreciate you, our volunteers and the parents of the youth we serve.  We want to give you great service.  The floor is now yours; tell us how we can help you.

Susan Cheever


Author: Susan Cheever | Utah National Parks Council

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