By Angela Shelley
Feb 14, 2019

Wilderness First Aid and Other Outdoor Trainings Coming to You

Wilderness First Aid

If you’ve ever experienced waiting for first responders and getting someone the medical care they need, you know how crucial (and slow) that time can be. When modern resources aren’t readily available, those critical moments can stretch to hours, and sometimes days. However, you can have more confidence in these moments and be better prepared for outdoor expeditions by taking your first aid training to the next level with Wilderness First Aid. This training often makes all the difference in saving limbs and saving lives.

Register for Wilderness First Aid training near you:

  • Salt Lake City, UT – Feb 9-10 
  • Ogden, UT – Mar. 30-31
  • Logan, UT – May 4-5
  • Provo, UT – May 18-19 (held at the Orem Scout Office)
  • St. George, UT – June 1-2 (held at Zion Base Camp)
  • More dates and locations across the country can be found HERE

Be Prepared

Your basic first aid courses teach essential life-saving skills, but they do not cover situations where emergency care is overwhelmed or not immediately available. Also, many first aid courses are often complete online through the use of readings and tests. However, wilderness first aid training is two full days of training, and half of that time is hands-on practice. You will learn how to handle yourself and gain care-giving confidence in emergency situations.

We all look on in awe as we see everyday heroes stepping up in times of need. Often these heroes bravely put their own skills and knowledge to practice when they see a need. Through the Wilderness First Aid course, you can become one of those everyday heroes. Wilderness first aid skills are essential in any type of emergency or disaster zone. So, if you’ve ever wondered how you might help in a natural disaster, act of terrorism, street protest, urban disaster (big crowds often prevent first responders from reaching the scene), or a wilderness accident, Wilderness First Aid is the answer. 

As a former guide who has hiked through National Parks, I appreciate and value Wilderness First Aid training. The confidence I have of knowing what to do and what not to do in an emergency offers great peace of mind. This confidence is particularly reassuring when you’re with those you love and/or when you feel responsible for others’ safety. We often hear ‘be prepared’ and wilderness first aid is excellent preparation.

About Wilderness First Aid Training

For those interested in taking their training to the next level, wilderness first aid topics include the patient assessment system, orthopedic injuries and treatment, soft tissue injuries and wound treatment (everything from bruises and bites to infections and amputations), environmental injuries and treatment, vital care, and patient movement. Adults and teenagers are invited to learn essential, life-saving skills that will serve themselves and others for the rest of their lives.

Check out courses near you and prepare yourself for a lifetime of adventure. With wilderness first aid training, you can do more than call 911. You can save a life.

Leave No Trace Training: Learn the Value of Outdoor Ethics

It’s time to learn Leave No Trace so that you and your Scouts can leave the world a better place. This May 10th and 11th there will be a Leave No Trace Training at Camp Maple Dell. There you will learn about the seven principles of Leave No Trace and learn how to implement the practice while camping and in your daily life. The training will be held in the Nature Lodge at Camp Maple Dell and will only cost $35. 

For more information about the course, click here.

The training registration is open now, so sign up today to be prepared for your next outdoor experience.

Click here to register online



Author: Angela Shelley | is a writer, traveler, and Program Assistant for the Utah National Parks Council

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