By Ken Cluff
Apr 11, 2014

Why Wood Badge?

Judging by the experience of others, Wood Badge will help you become a better Scout leader. It’s also likely that along the way you’ll find ways to become a better person.  Sign up soon for your

Learn what to expect from the best adult leader training program

Learn what to expect from the best adult leader training program

Wood Badge experience. Do your best to serve others by improving your leadership skills. If you do, you’ll help fulfill Baden-Powell’s vision that Scouting can bring about God’s Kingdom on earth.

Your deluxe six-day, all-inclusive Wood Badge experience comes with decades of Scouting knowledge, a skilled and helpful staff and a guided tour through the entire Scouting program.schedule

Wood Badge is expertly designed to stress you out, tie you in knots and take you on the same emotional roller coaster we put our Varsity Scouts on as they advance in the program.

In other words, you might not leave Wood Badge feeling relaxed, but you’re guaranteed to be recharged and ready to tackle any problem your Varsity Scouts throw your way. And it just might be the most fun you’ll ever have as a Scout leader.

Wood Badge is leadership training for adults in all Scouting positions. While studying five areas (Living the Values, Bringing the Vision to Life, Models for Success, Tools of the Trade, and Leading to Make a Difference) participants earn the coveted ‘Training Beads’ first presented by Baden-Powell himself.

And by going to Wood Badge, that vision can also become yours.scheduleschedule

Ken Cluff, Editor Varsity Vision Newsletter


Author: Ken Cluff | Editor, The Varsity Vision Newsletter


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