By Adrian
May 05, 2015

Easy Cub/Scout Craft – Popsicle Stick Catapults

Isn’t it funny that in this high-tech world, sometimes the simplest of things can be the most fun?  Our Troop Treasurer, Henry Kuramoto came up with these cute little popsicle-stick catapults and we’ve gotten a ton of mileage out of them.  The kids just have a ball with them.  We’ve used them with our big Scouts, we’ve used them with our little Cub Scouts, and I’ve used them with my little nieces and nephews and even my co-workers (We had a Minute-to-Win-It Challenge at a recent staff meeting!).

On a recent campout to Palisades State Park, our Troop 411 Scouts had a ball with them—it kept them entranced for nearly an hour and they came up with all sorts of variations on them.

Hint: If you give them a handful of sunflower seeds – that will give them some biodegradable ammo and give the birds something to eat.  It might also keep them from chucking pebbles or other items that are likely to cause breakage.   

Palisades Campout 2014 (2)Palisades Campout 2014 (15)-001


Our Cub Scouts loved them at our recent Campfire activity and even better, it gave the older Scouts a chance to partner with them to teach them how to make the catapults.  Win-win!Pack Meeting in Pavilion2014Campfire (10)Best


Even the darn cat liked them – the nosy little critter.  Just once I’d like to be able to take a picture around here without a cat in it!


Here’s the finished version – as you can see, it’s ridiculously simple and makes use of items you can find at any craft store.

Kids Craft Tutorial: Popsicle Stick Catapuls

Here are the supplies you’ll need for each catapult – 7 tongue-depressor sized stick, 1 popsicle-sized stick, a bottle cap, and four rubber bands – not too thick, not too long, just medium-sized ones.  You’ll want to hot glue the bottle caps ahead of time to keep them away from little fingers.

Step 1:  It’s almost like a little airplane.  Build the “wings” first- stack five sticks together for the wings.  Use a rubber band at each end to hold the stack together.


Step 2: – Attach the body of the catapult with a third rubber band.  You’ll want to add an extra “flip” on one side to create a loop to hold the throwing arm in.  Just twist the rubber band once and flip it back over the stick.


Step 3:  The last stick is for a spacer bar.  It just floats on top of the wings to give a little extra bounce.


Step 4:  The last step is to attach the throwing arm or the “pilot”.  Wind a rubber band several times around the end of the base and tuck the arm through the loop you made earlier as well as tucking it under the rubber band loop at the end.  You may need to scooch things around a bit to get everything aligned just right.


Aaand voila!  Your basic kid-style catapult.  Have fun!

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