By Utah National Parks Council
May 23, 2013

Norbest is joining Scouts to provide safe and fun activities

Norbest is joining the Boy Scouts of America in its quest to provide safe and fun activities for boys. Norbest is also helping units and districts raise funds. When Scouts and their families sell a $25 gift certificate courtesy of Norbest, they receive $10 back to support their units.

These certificates are an amazing value, and include: a Pass of all Passes to Seven Peaks Waterparks and Funcenters, $10 gift certificate for Norbest Turkey, one bag of Nutrimulch fertilizer, a two for one pass to golf at both the Ranches and Thanksgiving Point Golf Courses, a two for one pass at Provo Beach Resort, 50 percent off a Family Storehouse 72 hour kit, $10 for 2 hours of Get Air Hang Time, and 50 percent off Sub Zero Ice Cream.

Boy Scouts is one of the last bastions of simple boyhood, giving boys an exciting place for adventure away from the day-to-day complications of an ever changing world. The Norbest gift certificate package is a value of over $200 in discounts to local attractions and fun. Leaders, parents, volunteers and Scouts can get more information at


Author: Heidi Sanders | Marketing & PR Director, Utah National Parks Council

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