By Ali Mohammad
Jan 05, 2016

Pine Wood Derby Champ Camp Coming January 23rd

ROcket Derby CarDads, it’s time roll up our sleeves and get to work on this year’s pinewood derby. Champ Camp gives you the head start you need. Oh and all you dads with two left thumbs like me, this is the place to get help you need with your Cub Scout’s Pine Wood Derby car.

Our National Scout Shop has pulled together a few experts who stand ready to assist you in getting the job done on Saturday January 23rd, 2016 from 10 am–3:00 pm. This free, drop-in any time you can, event will help Scouts learn more about how to build and race their cars, which includes a car weigh-in, real track and tool demos, custom band saw cutting, and more.

Scout Shop end-cap loaded and ready for your car!

Scout Shop end-cap loaded and ready for your car!

FREE Pinewood Derby Weight Check –Whether finished or unfinished, each Cub Scout can bring their car into the store to be weighed. You can also purchase a unfinished car to work on. There will be tools to use or tools to purchase.

The following are activities  provided  for this event:

  • We will have a real track set up, ready and available during the event
  • Provide free weigh-ins for customers
  • Demonstrations on Pinewood Derby tools showing how to use them for best results
  • Band saw available to cut custom cars
  • Experts on hand for counsel and suggestions
Spanish Champ Camp Flyer

Click here to to enlarge.

Make copies of this Pinewood Derby Champ Camp event flyer for pack meetings or other Scouting-related events. Be sure to print enough for all your Cub Scouts and send this to every Cub Scout you know! Let’s tell the whole Scouting community all about it and don’t forget to pass along the announcement through Social Media.

Also. we welcome your help as a volunteer during the event, just contact us at the Orem Scout Office.

Down and Derby Feature

Dad, remember, the pinewood derby is for your son—yours was more than three decades ago!

As a passing thought, we all know how much dads (or grown boys)  like a good pinewood derby. For example, take a look Ranger Rob’s YouTube of some rocket powered pinewood derbies.

Rob helped one of our employees with the above, but Bishop Bob has done this for the boys and men in his congregation annually.

These highly risk ridden events are not sanctioned by BSA, but they do seem to get some of the testosterone out of making a derby car for the men in the congregation, so bring them too. They can get a head start on the next Elder’s quorum contest.

AliAuthor:  Ali Mohammad | Senior Store Manager
Supply Group l Orem Scout Shop
748 North 1340 West | Orem, UT 84057
P 801.221.1008 | 801.850.5332



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3 thoughts on “Pine Wood Derby Champ Camp Coming January 23rd

  1. AvatarSean Hunt

    Our pack’s derby is 3 days before that. Any recommendations on where to go get hands-on help with putting a car together? The local Lowes stores won’t be offering Dremel Pinewood Derby workshops. Home Depot doesn’t seem to have anything either.

    1. AvatarAli Mohammad

      We are always willing to give you hands on help at the Scout Shop any day of week. Come down and we have a team of fully trained staff that will be glad to assist you.

    2. Melany GardnerMelany Gardner

      Come into the Scout Shop in the morning before 2 pm and talk to Ken Clegg. He is a great resource for help and instruction when it comes to pinewood derbies. He will be helping out a lot at this event. Also here’s an article written by one of you District Executives that may give you some direction If you want more instruction on how to do the event its self check out this article.


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