By Utah National Parks Council
Dec 10, 2015

To Today’s Anonymous Donor

Today we came into work to find a donation and a note in our mailbox. The note wasn’t signed and the envelope had no return address, so we can’t personally thank this donor, but we hope that this message will reach them.

Dollar Donation

It is donors like you who make sure Scouting programs keep working for youth in our area. You make it possible for kids to go camping, learn new things, have fun, and grow up in Scouting. You have thought of others before yourself and are living the Scout Oath as you “help other people at all times.”

You also reminded each of us that this movement matters, that boys matter, and that the work we do every day can help boys and Boy Scouts, just like you have.

Thank you. Your gift means more than you know.

Fleur De Lis


Author: Utah National Parks Council

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7 thoughts on “To Today’s Anonymous Donor

  1. AvatarMaloree Anderson

    I came into work today and saw this adorable, amazing donation. My heart swelled with joy. This is so much more than a dollar! Immediately I donated my dollar. If this donor could donate, I could to!

  2. AvatarTonya Smith

    I love that this donor left this dollar! I also want this donor to know that I can also donate to help the Scouts. Dear Kind Donor, I matched your donation. Thank you for the great example! 🙂

  3. AvatarW. Lamar Jensen

    The true meaning of Christmas

    As I look back on Christmases past, some of my fondest memories have come from the times we have given of ourselves expecting nothing in return.

    Each year my wife and I have taken the opportunity to teach our children to serve others by donating our time and resources to those who could use a helping hand during the holiday.

    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be the recipient of the unselfish concern for others we have tried to teach our children.

    As we were opening the mail at the Boy Scout Office yesterday, we found a simple note that said “I ernd this and want to help the boy scouts” attached to a one dollar bill.

    I applaud the parents of this child to allow him the opportunity to earn the dollar, prepare the note, address the envelope and take it to be mailed.

    To me this is an example of the unselfish love for others that is the foundation of the Christmas holiday.

    May we each find ways to share the true meaning of Christmas by giving of ourselves throughout the holidays and the New Year.

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