By Rawlin Bagnall
Sep 22, 2016

Scouts Throw, Shoot, Climb and Race to Victory at the 22nd Annual Sanpete Challenge

The Arapeen District of the Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of American hosted the 22nd Annual Sanpete Challenge Saturday, September 10, 2016.  It started at the Mayfield City Park at 9 a.m. where nine teams and crews competed for victory and bragging rights.

img_0133The event is designed to challenge older teens registered as Varsity or Venture Scouts. The event began at the Mayfield City Park. Participant teams were given a match that had to be carried by team members through ten events, in order to burn through a string in the last, and final event.

The race began with a Frisbee throw, and once completed, the baton was carried to the Mayfield cemetery. The runner would complete the archery challenge, putting arrows into a target. Their team baton was then passed to a cyclist, who would ride over the White Hills and descend to the rifle shoot North of the Sanpete County Landfill. The baton was passed again to a runner who ran through the Madsen farm to the Tomahawk throw. Once the hawks were stuck, the runner ran up to the Chalk Cliffs for 100 foot repel only to pass the baton to their team member waiting at the bottom.

img_0096The two-man log saw was next, passed the tamarak and then onto Highway 89, where Scouts had to climb a rope. A passed baton found Scouts in Yardley pond for the canoe obstacle course.  After Yardley pond, a biker raced along the canal, back to Mayfield to pass the baton, and dry match to burn through a string. Speed, stamina and teamwork were a must, but accuracy and technique were also just as important as teams would be penalized with time delays for missed targets or ineffective technique.

Awards were given to the top 2 teams for Varsity and Venturing.  The 1st place Varsity Team was Team 1650 from the Manti 8th Ward with a time of 2 hours and 5 minutes. The 2nd place team was Team 508 from the Spring City 2nd Ward with a time of 2 hours and 29 minutes. The 1st place Venturing Crew was Crew 564 from the Gunnison 2nd Ward with a time of 2 hours and 28 minutes. The 2nd place Venturing Crew was Crew 571 from the Fayette Ward with a time of 2 hours and 40 minutes.

img_0101Special thanks to Dr. Dwight Inouye, Arapeen District Activities Chair, and David Beck, Arapeen Assistant District Commissioner, both from the Gunnison Stake, for organizing the event. Thank you to Doug Willden, Bob Morley, Mica Talbot, Dan Nance and his wife, Dean Sanderson, Eric Anderson and Shanon McArther for supervising stations along the course. Rawlin Bagnall, Arapeen District Executive was also in attendance.

The Venturing Teams that competed were: Crew 0571 from the Fayette Ward, Crew 563 from the Gunnison 1st Ward, Crew 561 from the Centerfield 1st Ward, Crew 538 from the Manti 4th Ward, Crew 541 from the Sterling Ward and Crew 564 from the Gunnison 2nd Ward.  The Varsity Teams were from Team 508 from the Spring City 2nd Ward, Team 1650 from the Manti 8th Ward and Team 542 from the Manti 1st Ward.


1st Place Varsity: Team 1650 From left to right are Rawlin Anderson, Kaden Anderson, Jay Henningson, Jordan Blauer, Max Mickelson, Josh Blauer, Daniel Olson, Dustin Cook, Blake Meacham, Conner Meacham, Dale Henningson, Robert Miller, (not pictured Clayson Pace).


1st Place Venturing: Crew 564 From left to right are Clark Bown (leader), Wyatt Young, McKay Halliday, Brandon Tucker, Bill Tucker (leader) and last on the right is Gabriel Jensen. Not pictured but participated are Craig Jensen, Jacob Carlisle and Chad Ellett.


2nd Place Varsity: Team 508 From left to right on the top row are Adam Inglish, Doug Fryer and Fiona McVay. Bottom row left to right is Michael Anderson, Grant Morris, Brage Anderson, Lestat McWaters, Oliver Wood, Matthew Anderson.


2nd Place Venturing: Fayette Ward From left to right are John Hammond, Luis Duran, Talmage Jensen, Dayton Johnson, Samuel Hosteenez, and Ethan Hammond.

Rawlin Bagnall sq

Author: Rawlin Bagnall | Arapeen District Executive, Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America

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