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Nov 27, 2014

An Inspired Program

I still catch on fire when getting to explain the beauty of the Varsity Scout Program to other leaders. It’s fun to see their eyes get wide with understanding as they see how it can all fit together with anything they do as a team or quorum. It is truly an inspired program!

I see so many miss out on the incredible experience available to them, I think I can understand what the Brethren sometimes feel as they encourage us to do what the prophets have asked us to do. We’ll just keep inviting and encouraging!

I am currently learning the responsibilities of a District Program Chairman, as well as serving as our unit’s Cub Master (with my Wood Badge trained wife as Assistant Cub Master!)

This past summer I had the privilege of serving as Course Director for the Oak Valley Wood Badge course in Southern Utah. We had a great experience!
Author: Jon Gledhill, St George Ut.Jon Gledhill

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