By Andy Gibbons
Jun 30, 2014

Ken Cluff – Prolific Writer and Editor

Ken Cluff, Editor Varsity Vision Newsletter

Ken Cluff, Editor
Varsity Vision Newsletter

Probably the most inspiring thing about the Varsity program over 30 years has been the dedicated service of the people who come forward, catch the vision, and get the Orange transfusion. One of the most dedicated over the years has been Ken Cluff,who publishes the Varsity Vision Newsletter every month. He has performed this service for over a decade, without fail, each month. Ken’s newsletter is not only full of incredible event ideas and information for coaches to share with their teams, but the visuals he uses are breathtaking, many of which Ken took on Varsity events all over the state. His pictures take you there.

Over the years, Ken has produced over 100 issues of the newsletter. Many of these are online at the Utah National Parks Council Web site, under “Programs”, “Varsity Scouting” and “Varsity Vision Newsletter”. There you will find newsletters going back to 2007, and Ken was publishing before then. The newsletter is sent out monthly to hundreds of subscribers all over the West, in Hawaii, and east of the Rockies. It goes out automatically to everyone who has subscribed (instructions for this are at the top of each newsletter). Or you can just return to the UNPC Web page each month for the new issue.

Ken is just one example of many, many loyal, Varsity-trained leaders who have carried on consistently photoover the full thirty years, giving their service and building the Varsity program. Now, with strong support from BSA National and the major sponsor, the LDS Church, Varsity is getting a new transfusion of energy. Some of the highlights include: the new Varsity Vision leader-specific training course that has been approved by BSA National, the Varsity All-Stars week-long adventure experience, and a new Varsity handbook that is in preparation. Also, there are new resources for Varsity leaders (adults and youth). There will soon be a Varsity program tab on the BSA Web site (coming in July). This will link to current information and resources on the Varsity program. This will be a first for VS. Also on, in the youth activities planning area of that Web site, there is a Varsity menu item, and it leads to newly-written program planning helps for almost 20 major events and the minor training events leading up to them for all five areas of emphasis. These will be a great resource for both new and experienced Varsity Coaches and their teams.

Thanks to Ken Cluff, a noble scouter, doing good by doing his job consistently and well. And Thanks to all those who work with him on the Varsity Program Committee. Come join us.

Author: Andy Gibbons | Past Council Vice President of Program

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