By Ken Cluff
Nov 05, 2015

Make Varsity Scouting Effective for Your Teachers Quorum

Varsity Team Planning

Varsity team planning and working together to meet their needs

The method of developing your Varsity Team program makes Varsity Scouting so effective for the Teacher age young men. It is a program designed by your young men to meet the interests and needs of the young men and carried out by the young men, all with your coaching, training and guidance from the back of the room. The elements of the programming method are in order:

1. Conduct Varsity Scout Individual Interest Survey

2. List district programs taking place

3. Brain Storming by the Team

4. Conduct Resource Survey among adults

5. Develop Annual Plan

6. Calendar the Plan accounting for other competingc alendars

7. Submit to the Team Committee for support

8. Correlate with other Young Men programs and the Ward

9. Obtain Priesthood leadership approval

10. Announce to parents at Parents’ Night

11. Advertise the plan (calendars to Team Members, post in Ward Bulletin, etc.)

100% attendance today, I wonder why?

100% attendance today, I wonder why?

12. Assign Team Program Managers responsibility for conducting various parts of the plan

13. Do it

14. Evaluate the plan – after action evaluation

15. Start over again

This process can be started at any time and adjusted at any time. If your Varsity Team program is failing to meet the needs and interests of the

On Belay …

On Belay …

Teachers Quorum young men, it is because the planning method is not being followed. Evaluate and start over again or adjust.

A note of caution: even if the planning method is used and an annual plan and 12 month calendar is produced, do not be afraid to change it to meet the needs of the young men as older boys leave and newer boys come in or as interests change. In spite of an annual plan and 12 month calendar, detailed planning generally extends only 3 months into the future.

Ken Cluff
Author: Ken Cluff | Editor, The Varsity Vision Newsletter

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