By Ken Cluff
May 06, 2015

On Target Symbolisms

This activity can provide several “symbols” or “examples” which can be used to present important lessons about life.  These discussions can and should be the culminating experience of a wonderful On Target day.  Hopefully, as this part of the Mountain Top experience commences, the boys will be in a thoughtful and calm frame of mind (no small task to achieve). Some of the symbols, which have been successfully used in the past, are:


Light of Freedom

FLags uniformOperation “On Target” is all about reflected light — The light that comes from above!  God gives us the light of freedom so we may choose for ourselves.  As we choose to – “do our duty to God and our country” – and – “to keep ourselves physically strong mentally awake, and morally straight” — we choose to reflect that God-given light, as surely as if we were doing it from mountaintops with our mirrors.  Cherish the light of the Gospel, and the light of freedom; always be ready to reflect and defend them.



Top of TIm

Top of Timpanogos

The mountain could represent a specific goal your Varsity Scout might have.  In order to attain the goal, persistence and work are required.  At any given point in time, the boy is either toiling upward toward the goal, remaining stationary, or coasting downhill away from the goal.  The direction he is moving relative to his goal is more important than the speed at which he is moving.  Keeping one’s mind and heart on the goal is imperative for success.


Impact Others

Doug Brewer Father of On Target

Doug Brewer Father of On Target

On Target requires alignment of sunlight, the mirror, and the target in order to make contact with others.  In life, the proper alignment of knowledge, skills, and attitudes allow one to make an impact in the lives of others.   Doug Brewer, father of Operation “On Target” has shown us how to make this alignment happen with signal mirrors.


Share Your Spirit

 On Target FeatureOperation “On Target” reflecting the sun light of Christ to others. The sunlight could represent God or the Spirit, the mirror could represent service to others or setting a good example and the contact could represent bettering others by our service and diligence.


Receive Inspiration

On Target InspirationEach Varsity Scout boy will climb to a mountain peak and relay a message to other Varsity Scout teams using signal mirrors.  The objectives are for them to seek greater heights in their lives, to let their light shine forth, and to set, work for, and achieve goals.  Our great Prophets of old climbed to the mountaintop to communicate with the Lord. Through this program our young men can receive inspiration, feel the Lord’s Spirit, and strengthen their lives.


Ken Cluff
Author: Ken Cluff | Editor, The Varsity Vision Newsletter

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