By Ken Cluff
Jan 08, 2015

Philmont Varsity Scout Training

Course: Delivering Varsity Scouting

Varsity Scout Planning

Has the Varsity Scouting program always seemed like a mystery to you? This conference is designed for leaders at all levels who want to discover the latest developments in this program and understand the spirit and dynamics of Varsity Scouting. Unlock the secrets of how to deliver a quality program that is rich with leadership opportunities.

Philmont Training Center: JULY 12-18

I have seen Varsity Scouting work and know it can work wonderfully. I have been excited at the vibrancy and enthusiasm it created and what it did for both boys and adult leaders. The current program is struggling in some areas. I firmly believe that this inspirited program can keep older boys interested and active in Scouting, the Church and all their values.

At the request and encouragement of the Western Region Varsity Scouting, a Philmont “Total Immersion Training” program has been developed to show adult leaders in great detail how Varsity Scouting is designed to keep older boys interested in Scouting, and to prevent them from falling into “program outer darkness.” Participants became a boy in a team and for five full days, role-played what a Varsity Scout does. They learn exactly how it works, that they can re-create it at home, and that it does work great!

Some Scouters have expressed candidly that the task is so great, and their personal and family time is a premium. They attempt to run their Varsity program without seeking other ways to more effectively use their discretionary time.

Kids at PhilmontPhilmont Scout Ranch and Training Center is in North East New Mexico. Each summer it is open to scout leader training and families are invited to come along and share in the adventure and fun. Varsity Scout leaders attend conferences Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Families’ tents plus 3 meals a day are provided with activities at night and Dutch oven desserts in tent cities. Children have fun at day camps, Mountain trek for 14 yrs and older, while spouses have daily outings. Wednesday is open
for families and individuals to explore and travel in the great frontier where the Great Plains meet the Rockies.

philmont familyNow, this Philmont training is ideal for filling in part of our “Total Immersion Training” of years past. This exciting week will help you to teach young men how to plan an exciting high adventure program that focuses on high adventure, sports, and one on-one mentoring leadership for all scouts.

Varsity LetterYou will learn how to use the five fields of emphasis in the team and how the team committee works in meeting the needs of the program. Learn the importance of Program Managers and Program Advisors in conducting a balanced program aimed at challenging the youth. There will be discussions how the Varsity Scout awards and pins help to develop the Varsity Scout physically and mentally.

Ken Cluff
Author: Ken Cluff | Editor, The Varsity Vision Newsletter


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