By Ken Cluff
Jul 23, 2015

That’s Varsity Scouting

Varsity Scouting is planned by your youth, executed by your youth, and experienced by your youth. If they don’t care about advancement – guess what? It’s not up to any adult to try and force them. Scouts advance at their own pace, as they set their own goals. Why in the world would any parent or leader stress out about some kind of insane “regimented” approach to advancement? Don’t know what that is, but it isn’t Scouting.

boy-scouts-old-car-1132560-gallerySo what’s not to like? Want to go camping? That’s Varsity Scouting. Want to learn about a career? That’s Varsity Scouting. Want to learn speaking skills? That’s Varsity Scouting. Helping others in quiet ways away from the limelight? That’s Varsity Scouting. Want to plan an activity without meddlesome adults forcing their way into the conversation and taking over? That’s definitely Varsity Scouting. With the exception of some inherently risky activities, or activities that don’t comport with the ideals (i.e. shooting at people, whether or not the ammunition is real or harmless), if the boys want to plan it, they can do it. That’s Varsity Scouting. And it’s the leadership gained from Varsity Scouting, which is planned and operated by the youth.

With the exception of the Coach’s Corner during the closing of each meeting, the Team Meeting is the responsibility of the Varsity Scouts themselves. With the guidance of the Coach, Team Meetings are planned well in advance by the Captain, the Program Managers, and Squad Leaders, which means they will need access to Varsity Scout resources and they need to be encouraged to keep up on the Come, Follow Me study outlines online. Work toward having them be the ones who find and encourage connections between the two programs.

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