By Andy Gibbons
Jan 21, 2016

Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book Day 2: The Boys

Day 2

The Task: Collect the basic information on the boys in your Team.

If you do not already have a list of the boys and their contact information, now is the time to get it. While you are a Coach, you will continue to learn more about each boy. This information will help you choose the jobs right for them.

The spirit is there in every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to light.
– Baden-Powell

For now, collect the basic information on who they are, where they live, and how to contact them. One way to begin obtaining this information is to meet with the current team leader and his assistants. This will help him know that he needs this information too. Information that he doesn’t have you can both get from your sponsor. ( If your team is chartered by an LDS Ward, the Ward’s membership clerk can get you most of this information.)

You may want to record the names in order of oldest first, since they are the ones who will leave the team first to become Ventures. Extra spaces have been left for other contact information (for example, e-mail address) and other information that will help you know more about the boy and his level of activity in the team.

Use the sample below to track new team members:

Team Tracker

click to enlarge

How I did it!
Probably the biggest contributor to the success of my first meeting with the team leadership was…the pizza. – Paul T

Other information you may find useful:

Stewart SchowCo-auAndythor: Andy Gibbons | Vice-Chair, Western Region Varsity Scout Program Committee and author of the “The Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book” and Stewart Schow | Varsity Scout Task Force,  Utah National Parks Council , BSA

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2 thoughts on “Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book Day 2: The Boys

  1. AvatarDavid

    note on step two- collecting contact information, remember that we as leaders need to follow two deep when on line with youth, so collect parent/guardian contact to so they can be cced in.


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