By Andy Gibbons
Jan 21, 2016

Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book Day 5: Adult Support

Day 5The Task:  Learn about your adult support system.

You are not alone in this important Coaching task you have accepted. You are joined by other adults who will help you carry out the work.

This should be good news. You also have the boys themselves who will be taking a lot of responsibility for leading. This

If you ever wanted to be like a sports Coach, well, you’ve made it. Just remember, the Coach doesn’t catch the ball and wash the uniforms. The Coach coordinates the work of other people. He trains them, helps them with their tasks, helps them enjoy working together for a good cause, notices great work, teaches them when possible, and always shares credit for a job well done.

means that you do not do everything yourself. Coaches who try, fail and quit.

Your biggest job is enlisting, encouraging, helping, training, supervising, monitoring, evaluating, and otherwise leading the efforts of a team consisting of both youth and adults as they carry out plans they themselves have made.

Your job is to be a teacher and a leader.

Who are your adult helpers

What do you do if your district does not have Varsity Huddle (Round Table) Commissioners?
Be resourceful:

  • Arrange a get-together at Round Table with other Coaches to swap ideas and resources or do this with Coaches in your Stake and ask the Young Men’s Presidency to facilitate
  • Ask your District to include Huddle for Coaches.
  • Lean on your mentor Coach for help and ideas.
  • Make contact with people in other districts or even councils who can help.
  • Research some good ideas online.
  • Check out these resources and

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Stewart SchowCo-auAndythor: Andy Gibbons | Vice-Chair, Western Region Varsity Scout Program Committee and author of the “The Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book” and Stewart Schow | Varsity Scout Task Force,  Utah National Parks Council

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