By Andy Gibbons
Jan 21, 2016

Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book Day 1: Get Oriented

Day 1The Task: Collect the basic information you need to get to work.

gpsA new Varsity Coach needs a lot of information. Today’s task is to gather some of that information. Make this book your own by filling in your own information. Record information about your team, your sponsor (your Chartered Organization Representative), and your Scout district. List both the Troop Committee Chair and the Varsity Scout Committee Chair.

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Also be sure to find out your district’s Round Table night and meeting time. The meeting for Varsity Coaches at Round Table is called the “Huddle”. Make plans to be a regular attender. You can get lots of information and make a lot of contacts at Huddles (find yours at the Council Website under the district tab).



“I found out that a lot of Coaches don’t collect all of the information they need about their sponsor. But I found that this kind of information helped me to make plans without worrying about running into roadblocks later because I didn’t know.” – Jim O.

“A tip I would share is to get the information about your support system at the district level. You need to know who the Huddle (Round Table) Commissioner is for your district. He knows how to connect you in.” – Tom P.

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AuAndythor: Andy Gibbons | Vice-Chair, Western Region Varsity Scout Program Committee and author of the “The Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book”


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