By Darryl Alder
Feb 04, 2016

Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book Day 10: Boy and Home


Day 10The Task: Get to know your boys’ support systems; their friends, their parents and school mates.

Get to Know Your Varsity Scouts  … You’ll be spending lots of time with them, so find out where they go to school, what they like and dislike, and how you can best contact them (phone, email, Facebook, etc.). Everything you do during your time as a Coach will revolve around your boys, so really get to know them.

Do you have an athletic group or more academic? Are they service-minded or more into sports or High Adventure? Ready for a hands-on project or more interested in observing? Knowing the personality of the group will help you plan activities to better serve them.

Get to know their Parents… Do the parents of your Varsity Scouts have a special skill that would be valuable to share? Perhaps someone works at an interesting place that would make for a great team excursion.

The better you get to know your parents, the more you will learn about hidden talents and resources available to you. What are their hobbies and talents? Who can haul the boys to camp? Any Eagle Scouts in the group? Give every parent a little job and your job won’t seem so big.

Varsity Scouting can seem strange and confusing to new parents, even those who have been involved Scouting themselves. Offer parents a brief orientation or a series of brief presentations  to draw them into the Team experience. Give them the information they need to enjoy the program and help their sons succeed.

The Coach also needs to find out how home situations might create needs and opportunities for working with individual boys. Though it is not the Coach’s job to work with individual boys, he is an important mentor and example to boys of this age.

How are you going to get to know them better? Plan now.

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