By Stewart Schow
May 18, 2017

Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book Day 29: seeing the big picture

By following the Varsity Scout Leader’s Day Book, you now have had 28 days of activities and challenges on how Varsity Scouting works.  What do you think now?  Can you see the vision?  Can you envision what your young men can become?  

Think about how far you have come.  Varsity Scouts is very misunderstood.  Many adult advisors do not use this to their benefit.  Because you have taken the time to learn it is the hope of many that you can now share a vision.  A vision of youth leading.  A vision of youth growing.  This growth is both physical and emotional and spiritual.  Because of Varsity Scouting the Ten Commandments should mean more today.  The Five Field of Emphases are a controlled environment of what the world can become by being faithful and true to the scout oath and law and the Ten Commandments.

Let’s look at what we have covered in the last 28 days.

  1. Get Oriented
  2. The Boys
  3. Youth Leaders
  4. Your Goal
  5. Adult Support
  6. The Meeting
  7. Think Safety
  8. Rest, Think
  9. The Coach’s Corner
  10. Boy and Home
  11. Understand Safe Scouting
  12. Team Leadership Meeting
  13. Attend a Huddle/Find a Mentor
  14. Practice 2-Deep Leadership
  15. Scouting Values
  16. Adult Jobs and Duties
  17. Adult and Youth Training (part 1)
    Adult and Youth Training (part 2)
  18. Trip Plans and Insurance
  19. Youth Planning and Execution
  20. Balancing the 5 Areas
  21. Planning vs Activities
  22. Stop-Start-Continue
  23. Information Resources
  24. Leave no Trace
  25. Safety Certifications
  26. Example
  27. Yearly Planning
  28. Unfolding the Yearly Plan

This month of study should have helped you master the basics and given you a vision of how Varsity Scouting helps boys, helps families, helps cities, and helps Nations to be better.  You can go back and visit these training materials at any time and place you need. Take time to understand how you make a difference when you are with the young men.  When you spend the time to connect them with heaven, and when you let them lead.

Moving forward you will be using those ideals of servant leadership to help young men mature and gain experience needed to grow.   Experience is the teacher that helps all to learn.

Stewart Schow

Author: Stewart Schow  | Utah National Parks Council Varsity Scout Committee Chairman


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