By Andy Gibbons
Jan 21, 2016

Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book Day 8: Rest and Think

Day 8The Task: Take a break to ponder how you are doing. Ask what should I stop doing, start doing and continue doing—this is Scouting’s three part evaluation technique.

You’ve been busy trying to get up to speed. This might be a good day to relax, step back, and think about how you are doing.

There is a lot of new information for a new Varsity Coach to digest, all important. Now that you have collected some of it, how can you use it?

Are there places that need immediate attention? Extra attention?

Scoutings founder, Baden Powell

Scoutings founder, Baden Powell

Are there boys or adults who are ready to swing into action? Some who need training? Some who need motivation?

Are there possibilities for recruiting new boys? Activating some who show signs of dropping out?

When asked where religion came into Scouting …Baden-Powell replied, “It does not come in at all. It is already there. It is a fundamental factor underlying Scouting…”

“Though we hold no brief for any one form of belief over another, we see a way to helping all by carrying the same principle into practice as is now being employed in other branches of education…”

Where are your strengths, and where are your needs? And since you and your leaders only have a limited amount of time and energy, where can you spend it to the most advantage to the whole group?

These are things you should think about, but they take time to work themselves out.

Relax, take a break, spend time with family, find a few quiet moments to just ponder on where things stand. Maybe some goals will start to form.Then make some notes.

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AuAndythor: Andy Gibbons | Vice-Chair, Western Region Varsity Scout Program Committee and author of the “The Varsity Scout Leaders Day Book”



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