By Andy Gibbons
Jul 30, 2014

Varsity Vision Leader–Specific Training

BSA National has officially approved the Varsity Vision Leader-Specific training course as fulfilling the Varsity-Vision(1)requirements for Varsity leader-specific training. Leaders still have to attend Outdoor Skills training and Youth Protection to qualify for the “Trained” patch. There are a growing number of Varsity Vision training courses.  Our goal is for them to be held regularly in every district and at the Stake or multi-Stake level. The response to the course has been very favorable. The key will be quality control.

New Varsity Scout coaches and youth leaders are invited to go to this overnight hands-on high adventure experience, one that fulfills Varsity leader-specific training requirements for the adult leaders, but allows the advisors and youth to learn together. Plus you get to learn from actual Varsity leaders and youth team leaders. Why spend 6 hours on a Saturday inside a building when you can take your youth camping and get a better experience?

Sample of Varsity Scouting program topics covered:

  • How to be a Varsity Scout Team Captain and/or Varsity Scout Coach
  • How to plan for and manage a High Adventure and/or Sports program
  • How to make your own activity pin requirements
  • How to achieve the requirements of the Denali award
  • How to be successful and win as a Varsity Scout team
  • How to plan your Ultimate Adventure to earn your Varsity Letter
  • How to create a vision of what your team can look likeTraining

There are no Varsity Vision Leadership Training courses listed on the web. However I know of three scheduled later in the summer:

You are encouraged to attend any one of these courses, everyone is welcome to attend. The cost for it is $10 and includes food and course materials.

You should bring a Varsity Scout uniform, tent, sleeping bag, weather-appropriate clothes, flashlight, and personal hygiene items. Anything you would need on a typical overnight campout.

Author: Andy Gibbons | Past Council Vice President of Program

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