By Darryl Alder
Jun 30, 2016

Varsity Vision Part 5—Executing the Annual Plan

This is part five of the online Varsity Vision—Team Coach Position-Specific Training. Other sessions include:

  1. Varsity Scouting, a Tool for the Quorum
  2. Aims of Scouting and the Varsity Scout Program
  3. The Captain and the Five Fields of Emphasis
  4. Making an Annual Plan
  5. Executing the Annual Plan
  6. Planning Team Meetings
  7. Planning Team Events


The purpose of this session is to:

  • Learn how each program manager takes assignments from the quorum presidency to add detail to an event plan.
  • Learn how to make the annual plan come to life

Main Ideas

Varsity Team FeatureProgram managers work as a team with adult program advisers to plan their assigned parts of an event laid out in the annual plan. The crucial idea for Varsity Scouts is learning to plan and lead by doing, with the help of an adult adviser. Each program manager (with the help of an adviser) plans and carries out a part of every major activity of a team. Planning for an event and then executing it is perhaps more valuable to the individual Varsity Scout than the event itself, because it is during planning and execution that the Varsity Scout learns how to take assignments from the quorum president or captain to project plan and exercise leadership.

Quarterly Planning Clinic

On a quarterly basis, the team leaders meet to detail the upcoming quarter. Together, the coach and captain develop the agenda for this meeting, but the captain, who is usually the quorum president conducts it. Every program manager has a planning and leadership responsibility for each major activity (assisted by a program adviser). Planning and training for an event is equally, if not more important to the development of an individual Varsity Scout than the event itself.

This form may you get started help:

5 field planner

The name of the activity goes on top. (Fill in the activity name.) Also, add the name of the field of emphasis and the program manager who will be primarily responsible for this event. Other program managers will assist in planning and executing parts of the event, but this program manager will have overall responsibility for planning and execution. You may also find with LDS teams that the Annual Varsity Scout team planning chart with Come, Follow Me and Duty to God is helpful in working out a quarterly plan.

Varsity Scout CommunicationSpecific assignments are given to each program manager with a description of activities for the next quarter. Program managers note specific assignments involving them. They request specific help from team members and the program adviser.

Be sure to lead the group in a brainstorming activity to identify weekly events that should take place leading up to the main event to get the team members ready and fit, plan and acquire the equipment, arrange the transportation, secure any needed permits, and plan the food and cooking. As these become details of the overall plan, write them beneath one of the fields of emphasis, showing that an assignment will be made to a particular program manager/program advisor planning team. These assignments result in either training or business items during a regular team meeting.

Scofield CanoeingFor example, training in canoe safety can be taken on by the service program manager. Training in canoe handling can be planned and delivered by the personal development program manager. Planning and reporting on arrangements for obtaining the canoes can be done by the special programs and events program manager. Planning and reporting on conditions and reservations for the canoeing site can be handled by the high adventure/sports program manager.

Lastly, the advancement program manager can plan and give training on any of the requirements for the canoeing merit badge not covered by the other program managers. The advancement program manager could also invite a special guest who is experienced in canoeing to present at a team meeting or arrange an on-the-water demonstration at a location close to the team’s meeting place.

Monthly Detailed Planning

Monthly, the coach, captain, program managers, and squad leaders meet to finalize the coming month’s meetings. Once again, the coach and captain develop the agenda for this meeting. AVaristy Scout Team Activity Planning Worksheetctivity worksheets like this one are completed. Program managers verify that everything is ready for the month’s activity.

A weekly checkup, two or three days prior to the meeting, is done by the Coach or captain to help each program manager to double-check any last-minute details.

By following these planning steps, the Varsity Scout program will be well-run and received by the youth members. Be sure to include all five program fields of emphasis during each quarter. The team committee should devote a portion of the monthly meeting to securing committee member support for the team program and program managers.

Balanced program planning is at the heart of Varsity Scouting. Do it well and your boys will keep coming for more! In our next session we will help you see how the regular team meetings fit in that annual program.

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