By Andy Gibbons
May 21, 2015

Who’s Who In Varsity Scouting?

Who” is Varsity?

The common question in some minds is, “What is Varsity Scouting?” One might also ask, “Who is Varsity Scouting?” The answer is: a lot of people, and each of them needs to do a certain job, contributing their part to make a Varsity team work.

Team PicLet’s look at the Varsity Scouting stakeholders. This picture shows how several people with responsibility work together to make a successful program. This ice climber looks safe, because he is anchored and supported from so many different directions. Each one represents a key stakeholder. Without all of them doing their job, this Varsity enterprise might fall.

For example, a dependable Coach and trustworthy Team Committee—on the right and on the left—are the bare essentials that hold things steady. But how long can they act all by themselves without tiring out? Luckily, they have help. Youth Leaders—a Captain and several Program Managers—take major responsibility for planning and executing Varsity team events. Leaders from the Chartering Organization and commissioners visit often to help maintain program quality and supply resources. District commissioners also add their support and training as needed. Importantly, parents support both the Varsity Scout and the team by encouraging participation and celebrating success and growth.

Each of these stakeholders in Varsity Scouting has a job to do. In this series on “Who’s Who in Varsity Scouting,” we can take a close look at the jobs, the responsibilities, the possibilities, and the training information needs of each of these key people.

Next Week: #2 The Coach—Not a Player, Not a Water Boy, Just A Coach

Author: Andy Gibbons | Vice-Chair, Western Region Varsity Scout Program Committee Program Chair

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