By Ryan Bertram
Oct 19, 2015

Questions About Scout EXPO 2016?

Answers Are Here:EXPO HeaderWhat is a Scout Expo?

EXPO floorThe Scout Expo is a three-day event February 25-27, 2016 that is a signature Scouting event. It brings together Scouts and community organizations from throughout Utah County to provide a day of intergenerational family fun through hands-on exhibits, competitions and displays.

The purpose of the Utah County Scout Expo is to showcase the Scouting program in a way that is accessible to both internal and external customers. It is an opportunity for program enhancement and recruiting for our existing units and a means to introduce Scouting to potential new members. It is also a great opportunity for Scouts to earn money for Scouting-related activities and expenses.

How can I attend the Scout Expo?

  1. Thursday, February 25 is Scout Night. All those in uniform that evening receive free admission to The Big Outdoors and Scout Expos. Both are open from 4-8pm.
  2. Purchase a Smart Savers Coupon Card and Expo Ticket for $20. These may be purchased in one of two ways:
    1. Through your Scout unit in your ward or neighborhood
    2. Through by selecting “Online Selling”

Please note: there is no separate ticket available for admission solely to the Scout Expo. The Scout Expo ticket is part of the Coupon Card and vice versa. By purchasing the Coupon Card and Expo ticket, an individual receives admission for one to both the Scout Expo and The Big Outdoors Expo for all three days of the event (February 25-27, 2016) and over $1000 in free items and incentives to local businesses. Youth 11 and under are free.

Sample Expo ticketWhat are the Smart Saver Cards & Expo Tickets?

In conjunction with the Scout Expo, units will have the opportunity to earn money for their summer programs such as Day Camp and Summer Camp. An LDS-approved fundraiser, the Coupon Card/Scout Expo Ticket sells for $20 with the unit receiving $10 of every card sold. The Scouting Expo ticket will be included as part of the Coupon Card, which contains over $1000 in absolutely free items (not BOGO) and other incentives to restaurants, activities, entertainment and more in Utah County. One Card provides admission to both the Scouting Expo and The Big Outdoors Expo occurring concurrently in the convention center. The Big Outdoors Expo will have vendors representing just about every outdoor adventure available in Utah and beyond.

Is this an LDS-approved fundraiser?

Sell Expo Ticket on lineYes. The LDS Scouting Handbook (8.15) states: Scouting units may participate in Scouting shows, camporees and other BSA activities that involve the sale of tickets by boys or young men, as long as all other budget allowance guidelines are met.

On the ticket sales for the expo, it says that the commissions will be deposited in the unit account. Does this mean that a Scout can’t earn money for himself? In the past, they were able to do this to pay for NYLT-Timberline or other events that were Scout specific. Is that not the case this time?

Ticket sales proceeds will be deposited into unit accounts. This is for two reasons. Per IRS guidelines, the Boy Scouts of America cannot credit individual Scouts with fundraising proceeds as this would constitute a “private benefit.” In addition, it would be impractical to track thousands of selling Scouts and then cut each one a check.

The concept is that units will track each Scout’s sales internally and then allow the Scout to use the proceeds to help pay for activities such as summer camp, NYLT-Timberline, National Scout Jamboree, district camporees, awards, etc. While how this is handled is up to each unit, the intent is that units will allow Scouts to use these funds.

Are incentives or rewards offered?

Yes. For every five Coupon Card/Scout Expo Tickets sold, the unit receives one free Coupon Card/Scout Expo Ticket. The unit keeps all proceeds from the sale of this card/ticket.

What about young women? Can they sell cards/tickets to attend a summer youth encampment or conference?

Yes. Absolutely. They would follow the same procedures to reserve and sell cards/tickets as Scout units through the Expo website (

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Author: Ryan Bertram  |  District Director and EXPO Staff Advisor, Utah National Parks Council


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