By David Johnson
Jan 02, 2016

A Mom’s Note to a Camp Director

Several months after camp a mother wrote this to me:

Maple Dell Camp Staff Flag Ceremony

Maple Dell Staff at Flag Ceremony

When our son started working at Maple Dell, he was very self conscious and unsure of himself. Due to some recent events that happened just prior to his starting work at Maple Dell he was very unhappy. However all of this changed after he worked at Camp Maple Dell. By the end of the 4 weeks that he worked at your camp he was a completely different person. He was confident, happy and

Maple Dell Camp Staff helping Scouts

Maple Dell Camp staff helping Scouts

very sure of himself. Not to mention, slim and healthy! You really changed his life for the better. He now is doing extremely well in school, his attitude is great and he shows respect to himself and others. The love, nurturing and guidance that he received at your camp is really what Scouting is all about.

We can never thank you enough for what you and the staff at Maple Dell did for our son.

A grateful mother

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Dave Johnson


Author: Dave Johnson | Camping Director, Utah National Parks Council

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