By Darryl Alder
Mar 21, 2014

April – Scouting Safety Month

Annually our council’s focus is the safety of Scouting’s youth, volunteers, and staff. It helps us get ready for spring and summer outdoor adventure as we integrate health and safety into those plans. The goal: no injuries are acceptable beyond those that are readily treatable by Scout-rendered first aid.

Protecting Our Youth


Each April, Scouters make audit of their Youth Protection status; then renew their training. Just click on the words next to the icon to go to the safety web pages for your age group; scroll down to “Youth Protection on-line” to begin the renewal process. You will need to set up an account using your member ID number (this appears on your membership card or check with your unit advancement chair). Once there the red, yellow or green dot will indicate your status. It took me just 25 minutes to complete the course, but there are some tricky questions so pay close attention.


Cub Scout

Boy and Venturing Scout

Varsity Scout


Additionally, every two years you should take “Scouting Safety…Begins with Leadership” offered at your local district. During the training you will view the safety training video by the same name and review the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety, as well as the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Tour Plans

TourActivityPlanThe Tour & Activity Plan helps Unit Leaders to effectively evaluate their preparedness for upcoming activities. The Tour Plan is designed to reinforce the leadership requirements of basic safety in Scouting – specifically two-deep leadership, transportation, aquatics, rappelling, and youth protection. The Tour & Activity Plan may be filled out and submitted electronically through

Annual Health and Medical Record

Updated in March 2014, the Annual Health and Medical Record is completed at least annually by all participants in any Scouting activity. Please discontinue use of all previous versions. READ MORE

 Wilderness First Aid Training

Learn about the new practices that go way beyond what Scouting leaders may already know as “first aid.” Wilderness First Aid training is here, helping you cope with medical emergencies in the wild and, perhaps more importantly, to be a more effective manager in any crisis. LEARN MORE

COPE & Climbing Certification

Climbing Scout FeatureBeginning in 2014, National Camp Accreditation Program standards require that COPE or climbing programs be supervised by an NCS-trained COPE or climbing director READ MORE.

Districts and units desiring to train their own Level II instructors must have an NCS-trained COPE and climbing program manager in place. To become a climbing manager you must take the national course. The cost is $340. View available dates in the 2014 NCS COPE-Climbing Program Manager Flyer and register online. 

Units may also register to lead climbs with our partner CLAS Ropes Course on April 26 or May 10

Shooting Sports


Our council offers a series of NRA-led firearm training courses. Completion of these courses results in NRA Instructor certification qualifying you to lead firearm activities. Completion of these courses also qualifies people to serve as Merit Badge counselors for firearm related merit badges.

Older youth may also take these courses. Participants 16 – 17 yrs may become Apprentice Instructors, those 18 -20 yrs may become Assistant Instructors and participants 21 yrs or older may become Certified Instructors & Rifle or Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge Counselors.

The Basic Instructor course is required before taking any other courses, unless it has been completed within the last twelve months. The Basic Instructor must be followed by at least one NRA Firearms Instructor Course.

Managing Risk

The best way to stay safe in the outdoors is to avoid getting into trouble in the first place. That requires planning, training, leadership, good judgment, and accepting responsibility – in short, risk management. READ MORE

Answers to Your General Health & Safety Questions

If you have questions about anything ranging from Scouts on zip lines to pets at campouts, to the Annual Health and Medical Record to insurance coverage, please review this page.

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Author: Darryl Alder | Director of Support Services, Utah National Parks Council, BSA


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