By Steven Sutherland
Nov 16, 2015

Black Diamond Adventure Tracks Will Bring High Adventure to More Camps

At the Utah National Parks Council (UNPC) we are building on the successes of our two high adventure bases (Beaver, and Entrada) by providing new program adventures at these camps, and introducing exciting new Adventure Tracks that we call Black Diamonds, at three of our mainstream Scout camps—Tifie, Thunder Ridge, and Scofield. Read about how high adventure activities can influence your youth here.

* What are Black Diamond Adventure Tracks?

Black Diamond high adventures bump Scouting experiences up to the highest level of BSA adventure, focusing on multi-day, outpost campouts, and activities. They are unit-based activities, where the entire Scouting unit (adults and youth) experiences a multi-day (sometimes weeklong) high adventure.

On route to King's Peak

Black Diamond programs (coined after the most exhilarating and challenging ski runs on a mountain) are for highly experienced Scouting units and provide significant challenges.

They are tactile, and holistic—combining technical skills and teamwork in an outdoor environment that provides exciting, multi-faceted experiences for each participant. These multi-day tracks emphasize fun and thrill-seeking, while experiencing the great outdoors in a structured learning environment. The earth is the classroom and laboratory… a perpetual field trip.

* UNPC Black Diamond High Adventure Choices

In the Utah National Parks Council (UNPC) you can go to either Beaver or Entrada High Adventure Bases, or to Tifie, Scofield, or Thunder Ridge Scout Camps, for an assortment of adventure tracks and black diamond programs that are totally focused on challenging, thrill seeking adventures. Here’s just a sampling of what you can experience:


Entrada High AdventureAn outdoor mecca renown the world over. Come experience the beauty of breathtaking red rock formations. Entrada High Adventure Base is surrounded by two world class national parks (Arches and Canyonlands), Dead Horse Point State Park, Moab, and the Colorado and Green Rivers. Take part each morning and evening in staff-led technical instruction and adrenaline-filled experiences. And then, spend the rest of the day leading your own adventure.

> Climbing & Rappelling: Learn how to rappel off our 45 foot rock face at camp central, and then hike over to our 120 foot mesa cliff when you are ready to advance to the next level.

> Mountain Biking: Take off on a cycling journey that allows you to experience some of Utah’s finest slick rock, mountain biking trails. Journey out onto the terrain rich mesas and canyonland rims for extended cycling treks.

> Rafting: Float the Colorado and Green Rivers. Guided tours set up with our river rafting partners in Moab; or, let us help you plan and outfit a multi-day trip on the Green River.


Scouting gives youth confidence

If you like being up in the mountains, and going into the backcountry, you have to come to Beaver which is located at 9,000 feet. This is the venue for Rocky Mountain highs and hiding out in lush evergreen forests and pristine meadows. You will definitely be interested in combining these with outback and overnight activities:

> ATV Riding: Successfully introduced in the summer of 2015. Receive safety training plus the exhilaration of going on back-country trail rides.

> Climbing and Rappelling: Hike out from camp to experience granite… granite faced climbing surfaces that will bring sweat to your face, and cause you to bite and claw for optimum grips and control.

> Battle Creek: Enter the conquest and learn how to lead your group in a Medieval, Capture-the-flag battle with foam swords.

> Frontier Sports: Enjoy a mountain man experience shooting black powder rifles, and engaging in frontier activities and games.


sailing academy featureThe Water World capital in the UNPC for sailing, fishing, and mountaintop vistas. Watch awesome sun rises and sun sets. Get up at the crack of dawn and fish on water smoother than glass. Come sail away… and experience Sailing Academy!

> Sailing Academy: Experience the freedom and exhilaration of sailing on the water in your own one and two-man sailboats (Hobies, Lasers, Coronados, and Sun Fish). Add day-long fishing excursions to make this an adventure truly to remember.

> Mountain Biking & Backpacking Treks: Miles and miles of Manti LaSalle National Forest trails, Aspen groves, and outposts. Make this a multi-day trek that your youth will never forget!

> Paddle: Straight and Arrow, Survival and Search and Rescue: Paddle out to an island. Practice archery from a canoe (Davy Crockett style). Apply your Ultimate Survivor TV viewing skills to real life situations. Throw in a Search and Rescue drama.

Thunder Ridge

HIgh Ropes Thunder RidgeSituated in the mountains above Cedar City and near Brian Head Ski Resort and Cedar Breaks National Monument. This beautiful country is a major attraction and playground for many that come to vacation in southern Utah. Push the envelope and come to Thunder Ridge for activities and programs you can’t experience anywhere else in the region.

> Ranger: Put on a ranger’s big brimmed hat and learn about forestry, environmental science, and fish and wildlife. Extend this experience out to the backcountry, or camping out in a forest meadow.

> Thrill Seeker: High octane activities that will test you to see if you have the skill and wit to navigate truly exciting obstacles and rope experiences. Combine COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Adventure), with climbing and rappelling, and other Scout Master tailored activities like a Spartan Run!

> Survivor: Begin with Green and Blue adventure tracks—wilderness survival, geocaching, and pioneering (described in each specific camp’s Leader’s Program Guides) and customize your own field survival experience out in the bush.


climb28000 feet above the historical and sacred Sanpete Valley. Three centuries of pioneer stock towns and ranches. Priceless views of serene farming valleys, inspiring mountains, and technicolor sunsets. First class facilities, state-of-the-art dining hall, Olympic size pool, and very private camp sites.

> COPE and Zip line Adventures: Come explore our new high COPE cube with 16 different stations and two zip lines. Add ground-level obstacle and team-building experiences…low COPE, Helaman’s Swords and other program areas like shooting sports.

> Climbing and Rappelling: Travel over to Nebo Loop to learn and experience the exhileration that comes with climbing. Cool down in a fresh water mountain stream.

> Maple Canyon: Explore a one of a kind geological park. Hike, mountain bike, explore the many trails that go up into the back country. Set up outpost camps, sleep under the stars and take in the grandeur of the historic Sanpete farm lands.

Contact us today at! Let us discuss with you how we can bring a high adventure experience to life for your group in one of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes in the country. The backcountry of Utah in the Utah National Parks Council. Together, we can create memories and noble characters that can last a lifetime!

What Black Diamond adventure did your Team or Crew have last summer?

Steve SutherlandAuthor:  Steve Sutherland | Camping Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA. 801.361.2508


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