By Steven Sutherland
May 06, 2016

Canyoneering—Entrada’s Newest Adventure

Entrada High Adventure Base is a popular choice for individuals who enjoy river trips, shooting sports, mountain biking and climbing/rappelling. Beginning this summer, Entrada is pleased to announce the addition of Canyoneering to their exciting lineup of high adventure opportunities.

Situated in a picturesque high desert valley surrounded by red rock buttes, plateaus and alcoves, Entrada’s unique geography gives participants of all experience levels a one-of-a-kind opportunity to aggressively explore Southern Utah’s awe-inspiring backcountry.

Traversing vertical rocks, rappelling down sheer cliffs into hidden chambers and navigating ancient canyon walls hundreds of feet high frees the mind, humbles the body, excites the spirit and challenges each person in extraordinary and unexpected ways. Those that embark on this adventure will marvel at their accomplishments, develop confidence in themselves and discover newfound trust for their friends.

Canyoneering will be offered three times a day (9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m.) with each session lasting three to four hours. Groups will depart Estrada High Adventure Base and drive to Moab to meet the climbing team (12 Finger Outdoor Adventure and Entrada staff).  Prior to departure, youth will be required to do a rappel check, similar to a swim check, at the 120ft. rappel site in camp to verify each individual’s skill-level and ensure they are capable of participating.  Previous rappelling experience is highly recommended but not required. Maximum group size is 11.

The venue for this exciting new program is Negro Bill Canyon—a series of slot canyons and hiking canyons near Moab and the Colorado River.  Each group will start at the top of the canyons in a popular slick rock jeep safari area and work their way down to the Colorado River.  Once the slot canyon/rappelling activities are completed, groups will be able to explore trails and canyon ecosystems at their leisure. Box lunches will be provided for those on the camp meal plan.

In order to help each person gain the skills they need to safely and confidently enjoy their canyoneering experience, Entrada also offers a beginners’ program led by their highly experienced staff.

This program is made possible by a partnership between the Utah National Parks Council and 12 Finger Outdoor Adventure. Scout troops as well as other groups and organizations are welcome to join in this exploration of freedom, balance and discovery.

For further information about Entrada High Adventure Base, and for registration details for canyoneering, we invite you to go to:  You can also contact Ryan Bertram at 801.437.6237 or Steve Sutherland at 801.361.2508 for more information or if you would like help in planning your Entrada adventure.

If you have specific questions about this extraordinary experience or  technical canyoneering questions, we welcome you to talk personally with our partner and guide service, 12 Finger Outdoor Adventure at:, 801.360.5183; or by email: dan@12fingeradventure.

Steve Sutherland


Author:  Steve Sutherland | Camping Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA. 801.361.2508

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