By Melany Gardner
Oct 02, 2015

Coming Soon to Your Inbox — The Voice of Scouting

Check your inbox this week for the Voice of Scouting e-newsletter. We hope you’ll open it up and read some of the great stories of Scouting making a difference in the lives of youth. Here’s what it is and why we think you’ll like it.

What is the Voice of Scouting?

Focused on stories from across the nation and the world, the Voice of Scouting is all about sharing the good news that is Scouting. There you’ll find great Scouting stories from every era, every program and every part of the country. Of course, it’ll also keep you up to date with all things Scouting, such as program updates, Scouting how-tos, and other helpful links to help you run and enjoy a successful Scouting program. Check it out for yourself at

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Why follow the Voice of Scouting?

You might ask, why should I follow another blog when I’ve already got The Boy Scout to read? To answer that, let me tell you more about how the Voice of Scouting came to be and how The Boy Scout played a big part.

Since The Boy Scout’s beginning in April 2013, our little council blog has grown to over 100,000 subscribers, won two national awards, and shared local Utah stories that were picked up by national media (remember the Scout from Cedar Hills, UT who earned all the merit badges? Well, his story was shared on People Magazine. Crazy, right?)

Boys Shouting featureWe started to realize that for the first time ever, Scouting had a voice. With stories from readers like you through the blog, Scouting was finally able to tell its own story to world, with no filtering by the media.

Excited with this revelation, we wanted to share this vision with the rest of the Boy Scouts of America and communities of Scouts across the nation, so thus the Voice of Scouting was born. Through a partnership of BSA Councils, volunteers, and generous experts, the Voice of Scouting was created to be the vehicle for YOUR voice of Scouting.

So I guess the answer to why, is why not? Spread the good news of Scouting; share your story; make a difference in the lives of youth.

BSA Councils, Scouters, bloggers and families from all over are joining the movement and adding their voice, will you?

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Melany Gardner | Editor, The Boy Scout, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

P.S. The Boy Scout will continue to bring you great local Utah Scouting content.

If you’d like to submit a Scouting story to The Boy Scout e-mail

If you like to submit a story to the Voice of Scouting e-mail

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