By David Johnson
Mar 09, 2016

Mission Preparation Adventure at Maple Dell

Introducing Maple Dell’s New Varsity/Venturing Program

Eagle Scout and Mission PreparationWhat is your son doing this summer for mission preparation?  Hopefully he has a good job making decent money that he can sock away in his bank account, but what about emotional and spiritual preparation? How does he “earn” some of these things to be stored away? To introduce one excellent solution, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Does your son have an opportunity to spend significant time away from Mom and Dad to learn to do hard things on his own?
  • If he does, is it in a wholesome environment, sequestered away from television, radio, video games, and movies, where he can learn to work on understanding and building his relationship with his Heavenly Father and build quorum unity?
  • What hard things is he going to learn to do which can build his self-confidence?
  • How will he flex his spiritual muscles during this time away from home?

I have asked myself these questions regarding my sons’ life and mission preparation. Fortunately I have at least one answer for them:

Maple Dell Scout Camp is pleased to announce its brand new Varsity (Teachers Quorum) and Venturing (Priests Quorum) Mission Preparation Summer Camp Programs for 2016!

These programs deliver the Utah National Parks Council’s Scouters’ Pledge to Parents and the LDS Church to teach the Young Men their Duty To God, Duty to Others, and Duty to Prepare for Missions…and Life.

Parents, don’t keep something this good to yourselves. Share this with your Young Men presidency and bishopric so that your young man can have these growth opportunities together with the other members of his priesthood quorum. Stakes and wards are encouraged to bring all their young men to summer camp at Maple Dell Scout Camp and enjoy all the features that we offer.

How Do I Make the Schedule Work for My Young Man?

MountainmenThe core of Maple Dell’s Varsity and Venturing mission preparation program is our New Frontiersman Program. Developed by honorably released missionaries who just returned from their missions in the last few months, the activities are designed with mountain man and pioneer themes to make it exciting to the young men, but anchored in gospel principles. When each activity is completed, a group reflection is held to relate lessons learned in the activity to life and mission preparation.

The New Frontiersman program is offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the day, and a final make up session on Friday morning.

Kodiak Venturers rest on mountain top experienceexpereince

There is also an outpost hike Thursday afternoon, and the Frontiersman Rendezvous outpost retreat on Thursday night. The Frontiersman Rendezvous retreat is the culmination of the New Frontiersman program where young men put to practical use the new skills they have learned in an exciting overnight experience.

Participants can chose which of the activities and skill levels they wish to work on with the New Frontiersman program, and can supplement their time at camp with additional spiritual and high adventure activities such as:

  • payson-temple-starry-night-artistic-la-rae-robertsPayson Temple Night on Wednesday nights where current LDS Temple Recommend holders can go to the LDS Payson Temple to participate in baptismal ordinances for the dead. Units may also just chose to spend reverent time on the temple grounds to hold a devotional/reflections experience. (Testimony Building and Quorum Bonding)
  • Rock CanyonRock Canyon Adventure: Available Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday all day. Rock Climbing, Rappelling with 12 Fingers Outdoor Adventures and Hiking to, Exploring and holding Spiritual Reflections at Squaw Peak above Provo Temple (Personal Growth through Learning to do Hard Things and Sharing Testimony)
  • Low ropes course: Available as three 1-hour hour sessions on Tuesday through Thursday or a 3-hour block on Monday afternoon or Friday morning. Team Building From Working Through Challenges)
  • COPE CubeHigh ropes course/Zip Lines: Available Monday afternoon, every day during open time, Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Friday mornings. (Individual Growth Through Learning to Do Hard Things)
  • River Kayaking/Rafting: Available Friday morning (Team Building From Working Through Challenges)
  • Hunter Education: Available Tuesday through Thursday as six 1-hour sessions. (Individual Growth Through Learning to do Hard Things)
  • Outpost Hike: Available Thursday afternoon. (Individual Growth Through Learning to do Hard Things)
  • Service Project Building Campsite Picnic Tables: Available Monday through Thursday afternoons. (Service to Others)
  • Service Project Expanding Chapel Seating: Available Monday through Thursday afternoons. (Service to Others)

Go to Maple Dell Scout Camp’s website to register your son for a great mission preparation experience  this summer. Space is limited, so sign up soon!

Dave Johnson
Author: David A. Johnson | Camping Director, Utah National Parks Council and Camp Director, Maple Dell Scout Camp.
If you have any questions, give him a call at 801-717-5624 or e-mail him by clicking on his name above

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