By Darryl Alder
Apr 29, 2015

Do a Good Turn—Social Media & Marketing Summit

It’s time to take Scouting to new markets. There are youth and parents all around us that want to join Scouting, but don’t know how; they don’t know about the fun, adventure, and allure of the outdoors. Worse they don’t even know they want to know because we aren’t telling them about it!

The solution to their needs is in the palm of your hand, literally, through social media. This Thursday, April  30th, 2015, You should attend our Do a Good Turn – Social Media & Marketing Summit from 11:20 AM – 1:00 PMYou can register  for Thursday’s webinar by clicking this link:

Units who use social media are finding this tool a great way to invite new youth. For example what rough and tumble boy would not want to join this pack?  (BTW I love cardboard box races!):

goblin valley

Troop 966 Camp Mar. 2015 Posted by Rich Jeanine Lewis on Sunday, April 5, 2015

I can tell you that nearly every time that Rich Lewis, Scoutmaster of Troop 966 in Mapleton UT posts something, I ache to be 12 and in his troop. He’s their latest adventure with his troop at Goblin Valley (click on this image to get Facebook post and start your own aching).

Rich took his troop up a mountainside on a pretty tough climb to find the perfect Christmas tree, decorated it and sent it to us (see the image above). This post become our council’s greeting card this last year!

Now that you are completely excited about getting social with your Scout unit, let us give you some ways to get started;

Attend our April 30th webinar, For those who are able to attend in person, lunch will be provided at 11:00 AM with your RSVP.  For those who are unable to attend in person, the event will be live streamed starting at 11:20 AM by clicking the “Sign up for Stream” button on the bottom of the screen. If you attend you will learn about:

  • The 6 Cs and the 6 CORE skills of Social Media
  • How the corporate blog has replaced trade journals and newspapers
  • Find the 5 Key Principles of Marketing that can be applied with success every time
  • Understand the 7 Levels of ContentTM and The ACQUIRETM model of Social Nurturing
  • Build out your outbound email and calling database tenfold with new ideas
  • Secrets on Google Adwords PPC, SEO, and site conversion that always brings sales results
  • Discover event strategies so effective invited to share it’s secrets

Another way to start getting social is to join 87,000 youth, 42,000 adult volunteers, and over 250,000 alumni of the largest Boy Scout Council in America to participate in the Social Media Certification. This program is designed for both youth and adults with a focus on:

  • Helping individuals be safer while using social media
  • Bringing purpose to usage of social media
  • Helping individuals better understand how to get involved in the discussions happening in social media
  • Encouraging everyone to share their personal stories and thoughts on what is important to them
  • Flooding the earth with good messages, including messages on how Scouting is preparing youth

There are six levels of the social media certification. At each level, an individual must complete a set of requirements and pass off the requirements with a coach or mentor who has attained a higher certification in the program. These levels are:

social media patch

Social Media Certification Awards

  1. CORE certification (click here to register for this level)
  2. Coach
  3. Curator
  4. Creator
  5. Collaborator
  6. Consultant

At the completion of each level, you are eligible to order the associated patch. These patches can be ordered online.


Social Media CORE Certification

The first level of certification is the CORE certification. To obtain the requirements sheet and begin work on this certification, click here. You will be asked to provide contact information before accessing the document. This information will be used for ongoing communication to you regarding the certification program.


You will need to work with a certified Coach to complete this certification level. If you don’t have a coach, feel free to contact one of the certified coaches listed below.

What’s keeping you from getting social and growing your crew, team, troop and pack?

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