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Jan 20, 2017

Eighty-three Have Earned Venturing Summit Award

Summit AwardsSince the creation of the Summit Award only two years ago, 83 intrepid Venturers have earned Venturing’s pinnacle award, which is similar to that of the Eagle Scout rank for Boy Scouting or the Quartermaster Award for Sea Scouting.

To attain the Summit Award, each Venturer must first work their way up through the prerequisites and earn in sequence the Venturing, Discovery, and Pathfinder awards. The Summit Award itself then focuses on four distinct areas revolving around adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service. By design, the award is meant to challenge a Venturer, provide a mentorship opportunity for the Venturer, and personally grow the Venturer’s abilities.

Both Venturing youth and adult leaders can help to support members of a Venturing crew to earn this prestigious award. Most crews provide a program structure that already fits into the awards model for Venturing. Leaders should help ensure that each award requirement is understood so that as the crew’s planned program structure is carried out and individual requirements are completed, those requirements can be signed off as appropriate for each crew member in attendance.

A helpful, New Venturing Award Tracking Template is available at BSA’s Venturing Awards site. One recommended best practice is to review this chart or spreadsheet with each crew member periodically during the year to see what is Venturing ZipLinestill left to be completed.

Imagine the success of the Venturing crew with having multiple Summit Award recipients able to provide a mentorship aspect to the crew’s younger members? Not only that, but it helps to keep the youth members engaged in the program, and the longer they are engaged, the longer they will remain in the program

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One thought on “Eighty-three Have Earned Venturing Summit Award

  1. AvatarRichard

    Hello, I am wondering if the figure of 83 recipients is nationwide, or just your council? Who can I contact to get a more up to date number? My son just received his Summit award and it would be awesome if he was the Hundredth recipient! Please email me if possible.

    Thank You


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