By Bob Gowans
Mar 02, 2016

This Bird Wants YOU at Camp

Attention Scouters! Early Bird Deadline is Nearing Fast.
Early Bird DIscount
Register now and take advantage of discounts on 2016 fees at Council Camps and High Adventure Bases.  Groups that register and pay in full before April 1st for the 2016 camp season receive a $10 per person discount on the camp fees for all camps. That means your crew, team and troop could receive a 5–10% discount per person on the camp fees for all camps (excluding Cub Scout, Webelos, and Adventure Park camps).

camp-MaKaJaWanPlan now to take advantage of these discounts and get the week you still want before they are full. Many weeks at Maple Dell, Tifie, Frandsen and Thunder Ridge Scout Camps are full, so you will have to hurry to get the week you want

Act now, since some weeks at Scofield Scout Camp at Frandsen Scout Ranch, Thunder Ridge, High Uintah Wilderness CampTifie Scout Camp at Mountain Dell Scout Reservation, and Maple Dell Scout Camp are nearly full. Sorry but some weeks are already full at  Beaver High Adventure Base and Entrada High Adventure Base so hurry to secure the date you need by acting now.

When you register and pay in full before April 1st these camps all have a $10.00 per person discount. Remember if you bring more than 20 total campers, you can take an additional $5 per person discount!

Register soon; not only will you get a great summer Scouting adventure but you can do it for less money than if you wait.

Go to to find more information and to get registered.

Author:Bob Gowans Bob Gowans | Director of Camping, Utah National Parks Council



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2 thoughts on “This Bird Wants YOU at Camp

  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder

    The LDS Scouting Handbook 8.19 says of “Specialty, Multiple-Unit, and Long-Term Camps
    Stake or ward Scout camps that involve more than two units and that exceed three consecutive
    nights for Venturers and five consecutive nights for Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts cannot be advertised
    as “Scout” camps unless they follow the BSA national camp standards and are authorized by the
    local council. If long-term camps do not qualify as authorized Scout camps, they will not be covered
    by BSA liability insurance. For long-term camping, use of BSA facilities is strongly recommended.”

    We stand ready to serve you!

  2. AvatarSteve Faber

    Hey Darryl,

    Just curious:
    – Have there been any “Helaman’s Camp” type camps that actually were authorized by UNPC, but that did not use BSA facilities?

    – I wonder why the Church does not make reference to section 8.19 on its own web site promoting a Helaman’s type camp:

    – Any idea why does the northwest US have a preponderance of Helaman’s type camps?


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