By Darryl Alder
Feb 17, 2017

Valuable Priest Quorum Resources Offered Through Venturing, BSA

Recently I was working on some training for Venturing leaders and collected these resources. I trust you will find them helpful with your crew:

Resource Manuals

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews

The purpose of this course is to teach crew members in leadership positions about their roles and how to be successful in those roles. It strives to help them understand their responsibilities and to equip them with skills to fulfill those responsibilities. Concepts taught will furnish quorum, school and future leadership positions as well.

 Venturing Advisor Guidebook:

This is a great tool for any Venturing leader, whether novice or seasoned. It guides Venturing leaders, committee members, and CORs toward successful crews. It includes the following sections: Venturing Basics, Methods of Venturing and Areas of Program Emphasis, and Program Resources and Administration. It can help quorum leaders plan a fun program meeting their interests, while getting practical help for things needed in a crew.

BSA’s Fieldbook:  

This is Scouting’s manual of basic and advanced skills for outdoor adventure. Each edition of the BSA® Fieldbook has become the gold standard in outdoor survival know-how for its time… and this new edition is no exception.

Venturer/Ranger Handbook:

The handbook encourages a high level of outdoor skills proficiency and provides a path for structured outdoor/high-adventure skills training. If used fully for two years, it assists candidates in meeting the core requirements for achieving BSA’s coveted Ranger Award. 

  • Venturing Program Summary: This document shows highlights of both ALPS and the Venturing awards. It may be very helpful for a program overview.
  • Venturing Activity Planning Worksheet: This worksheet may be useful in helping youth organize and plan a variety of activities.
  • Venturing Structured Personal Reflections: Leading reflections may be the advisor’s only role in a meeting. However, this document can be used to help Venturers themselves understand reflective thinking. Reflection lets them share their thoughts and ideas with others, and it helps them document their thoughts as they consider how to develop into better people.
  • Venturing Program Calendar Template 2017: This is the calendar for Crew 66/64 from Ephrata, Washington and is sponsored by the LDS Church there. It includes Church-specific monthly activities with Young Women. Each activity is color-coded to correspond with a program area.

BSA National Sites

Venturing Awards and Recognition

Other Venturing Resources

Venturing Training

BSA High Adventure Bases

Special Awards & Recognition

Other Resources

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Author: Darryl Alder | Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA served as an Associate Advisor when Venturing was part of Exploring.

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