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Mar 20, 2016

Missionary Preparation at Scout Camp – Scouter’s Toolbox March 2016

The purpose of the Scouter’s Toolbox is to provide all LDS Scouters in the Utah National Parks Council with a resource of monthly themed messages, along with tips to use these messages in your individual Scouting roles. Each message will focus on one of the Six Pillars of Being Prepared, developed by a survey of LDS stake presidents and bishops about why Scouting matters. The goal of the Scouter’s Toolbox is to facilitate direct, consistent messaging for all the LDS units in our Council. We hope you will use these resources to teach and inspire those you serve in Scouting.

You may read the messages below, or download and print the March 2016 Scouter’s Toolbox HERE.

Click on your position below for some ideas of how to implement this message.

scout with scripturesMarch’s Theme— Pillar 3: Mission Prep

“Prepare to go on a mission and teach others by using the Scouting program as the activity arm of the priesthood.”

Scout Camp Helps Develop Vital Missionary and Aaronic     Priesthood Attributes

“Scouting, camping, and their wide array of adventure experiences are more than lighting camp fires and setting up tents. Scouting complements and helps Aaronic Priesthood leadership in the development of Young Men key attributes: Honor, Service and Duty to God. Scouts strive to be “physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.” Participation in well-organized and effective Scout camps, as either a Scout or a camp staff member, quite possibly could be one of the most significant things that a young man could do to prepare for a mission.”

Read more on The Boy Scout: How Camp Prepares the Rising Generation of Missionaries

“It is vital that you march the path from Tenderfoot to Eagle Scout and continue on to serve a full-time mission. You have to stretch to prepare to be a   full-time missionary. Scouting will help in the stretching…”

– Elder F. Melvin Hammond, Former YM  General President

“Scout camps give enjoyment and satisfaction to the leader, while to the boy they bring delight,    experience, resourcefulness, self-reliance, thought for others, and that excellent discipline of camp tradition, and of being expected to do the right thing for himself…”

Lord Baden Powell, Scouting Founder

smart savers cardsSell Smart Savers Cards, Earn Money For Camp

Selling Smart Savers Cards is a great way to pay for your summer camp experience. Take a look at which camp you want to go to and the activities you want to do, divide the total cost by ten, and you’ll know how many cards you need to sell to get there (This fundraiser fits into the guidelines laid out in LDS Scouting Handbook: 8.15).

The Smart Savers Card has over $1,000 in free offers and $4,000 in discounts at hundreds of Utah Valley restaurants, venues, gyms, sporting events, movie theaters, museums and more.

The card is also your admission pass to the Utah National Parks Council 2016 Scout Show on June 18 at Maple Dell Scout Camp.

–   Read more on The Boy Scout: Sell Smart Savers Cards for Scout Show

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Consider the following ideas on how to implement the monthly message into your Scouting role. We hope you will be inspired by these ideas to employ Scouting programs in achieving the goals we all have for our youth.

Unit Serving Leaders:

Cub Scouting (8-10 yrs old):

  • Cub Scout’s March theme is “Thrifty- Cubstruction.” Think of ways to relate missionary work to being thrifty and building ourselves into future missionaries.
  • Have a recently returned missionary come and speak to your Cub Scouts.
  • Sign up for a district or council day camp for this summer, if you haven’t already.

Eagle Scout and Mission PreparationBoy Scouting (11-13 yrs old):

  • Give a Scoutmaster’s Minute from this month’s message.
  • Take a moment to talk about your own mission experience or have someone come and present.
  • Sign up for summer camp or Timberline (NYLT), if you haven’t already and are not going with the stake.
  • Encourage the deacon’s quorum president to lead a discussion on adding missionary preparation into your camp experience this year through scripture reading, teaching practice,missionary exercise routines, bike riding, etc.

Varsity Scouting (14-15 yrs old):

  • “Just as Scouts ‘do a good turn daily,’ missionaries are constantly trying to find opportunities to do good. Missionaries should make the oath to serve God and to keep themselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. Finally, a good missionary is a prepared one. Be prepared. Honestly, any missionary who follows the Scouting spirit and all it stands for will be a         successful missionary.” – Eagle Scout Tanner Bennett

    Give a Coach’s Corner related to this month’s message or share a mission story.

  • Sign up for a summer high adventure camp, if you haven’t already and are not going with the stake, or suggest a young man sign up to be camp staff.
  • Suggest to youth leaders that their team could host an international food night where Scouts try foods from different ward members’ mission areas.

Venturing (16-18 yrs old) :

  • Share a mission story or give a reflection related to this month’s message.
  • Sign up for a summer high adventure camp, if you haven’t already and are not going with the stake, or suggest a young man sign up to be camp staff.
  • Suggest an evening to go on splits with the missionaries or volunteer at the MTC.

Stake and Ward Leaders:

Stake Presidency, Stake Young Men Presidency, Bishop, Chartered Organization Representative

  • “Stake or ward Scout camps that involve more than two units and that exceed three consecutive nights for Venturers and five consecutive nights for Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts cannot be advertised as “Scout” camps unless they follow the BSA national camp standards and are   authorized by the local  council. If long-term camps do not qualify as authorized Scout camps, they will not be covered by BSA liability insurance. For long-term camping, use of BSA facilities is strongly recommended.” – LDS Scouting Handbook: 8.19

    Prepare a thought to give during a Scout training or a meeting with the Young Men related to the monthly message.

  • Contact units in your stake/ward and ask if they are planning a long-term camp this summer and where they are going. Emphasize the benefits of Scout camp.
  • Consider the benefits of a stake encampment at a Boy Scout camp. Go to for more information.

District Leaders and Volunteers:

District Key 3, Roundtable Commissioner, District Committee

  • At roundtable, or other meetings, have someone share how Scout camp prepared them for a mission.
  • Host a roundtable class related to helping youth use Scouting to prepare for missions.
  • Start a discussion at district meetings about how a training or activity can focus on missionary preparation for the youth, i.e. Scouting for Food.

Council Leaders, Volunteers and Staff:

Council Key 3, Executive Committee, Program Committees, Executive Board, Relationships Committee, Council Commissioners, Cabinet

Young Scout and Missionary Dual Pics CROPPED

  • Select a message and relay it during a council meeting through a Scouter’s Minute, reflection or inspirational thought.
  • Consider the services you offer this month and add elements of missionary service into the activity and share with those you serve.
  • Write a blog article about how Scouting prepared you for a mission. Submit it to

Questions? Contact

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