Search and Rescue is one of Scouting's newest merit badges
By David Johnson
Dec 27, 2014

Mock Disaster Exercise

NEWS FLASH: April 11, 2015
Planes Crash: Maple Dell Scout Camp Needs Your Help!Plane_crash_in_Tintin_(300x169)

There has been a terrorist attack, and ten planes have crashed on Maple Dell Scout Camp property. We need to find them and rescue the passengers.

Maple Dell Scout Camp, in partnership with Utah County Search and Rescue, is excited to announce it’s first-ever Super Spring Event:

Mock Disaster Exercise
Troops, Teams, and Crews are all welcome!

Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Teams, and Venture Crews will participate in round-robin training on needed skills for the exercise, then be assembled into Search and Rescue (SAR) teams with their Hasty Units and will head out to find one of the downed planes and rescue a victim.

Skills Taught and Used:

  • Search and Rescue (SAR)Techniques and Radio Communication
  • First Aid
  • GPS

How to build a travois using knots and lashings, and then transport your victim back to the Incident Command Center.

SAR Teams will be scored on their knowledge and use of these skills, and awards will be given for top performance. THIS IS NOT A RACE.

search_and_rescue_coverWant to earn the Search & Rescue Merit Badge? This mock disaster will introduce Scouts to a Search & Rescue Merit Badge Counselor and work on Requirement 8 of that merit badge.

FEE: $7.00 per person.

Hot Chocolate will be provided.

BE PREPARED for winter-like weather and snow on the ground. You will be outside for 4 hrs.

Download the instructions on how to make a medical Travois when you register for the even t online. Travois building materials will be supplied by the camp.

Units Should Try to Bring:

  • One or Two GPS units (if they have them), and
  • Two walkie-talkies (if they have them).

Register your unit at:
Contact Dave Johnson at or 801-717-5624 with any questions.

Dave Johnson

Author: Dave Johnson | Camping Director, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “Mock Disaster Exercise

  1. AvatarShannon C

    A terrorist attack? Really?
    Not only is this scenario unlikely, its paramilitary and dog whistle language is objectionable.

    How about a drill in which a troop of scouts were lost in the woods, some were injured by falling down a ravine, and now a travois must be built to help Timmy get his broken leg to a doctor? Much more likely, much more useful, much less charged with terrorism and conflict.


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