By David Warner
Nov 08, 2013

Northern Tier High Adventure an Unsurpassed Wilderness

NTier1Northern Tier – Bissett, Manitoba – Canada

An Unsurpassed Wilderness

Northern Tier provides epic wilderness canoeing trips in remote Manitoba Canada.  Trips feature a float plane ride, unsurpassed freshwater fishing and hundreds of thousands of acres of virgin wilderness to explore.  This is one trip that will change your life.


Every summer, hundreds of Scouts head to the most remote Boy Scout High Adventure base for a once in a lifetime wilderness canoeing expedition. Trips begin by meeting your “Interpreter” who is a trained Northern Tier staff member that will accompany you on your trip.  Northern Tier provides full outfitting for your trek. 




A float plane ride to the canoe cache begins your trip.  After that, you can decide which of the less traveled trails you want to follow.  Crews typically paddle a mixture of lakes and rivers.  It is common for crews in Bissett not to see anyone other than their crew for their entire trip.  There are also lots of fish to catch.  After your trip, you will return by float plane to the base to enjoy a cleansing sauna.



“Scouts experience a phenomenal wilderness area. I have seen loons, beavers, otters, deer, moose, bald eagles, and more. Brilliant starry nights, Northern Lights, thunderstorms, and picture perfect weather have their place on each voyage. The maturity and growth Scouts gain from pushing past their previously imagined limits is incredible.  I can’t speak highly enough of this program; it has changed my life.”

–       Past Participant – Northern Tier

Bissett has been called the most extreme adventure the BSA offers.  Come to Bissett and experience “Wilderness Adventures that Last a Lifetime!”


Northern Tier National High Adventure Programs

PO Box 509

Ely, MN 55731                   218.365.4811

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